The history of LIMAS began when two people on the other side of the world met and fell in love. When Anna saw her future husband Philipp for the first time, during a semester of interchange in China in 2009, her heart hit hard. It was love at first sight.
In 2012, already in Germany, they were married and, two years later, the first daughter Lili Marie (later Miss LI-MA-S) was born. Lili loved to be carried, so they decided to take a babywearing appointment for a better accompaniment. Anna always liked to be in touch with her daughter and the countless benefits of carrying her.
Therefore, she informed herself about the use of a baby carrier, and tested different ones. She felt so good that she had just wanted to inspire other parents and decided to take a course to become a consultant. She decided with her mother’s help, to create a baby carrier that would meet her desires and her baby to feel at home in it. Then they made a baby carrier for a friend who had just had her second child. And then they made one more, and another, and another… Until one day, her midwife asked her if she could have a baby carrier sewn by them. At first, they kept all the carriers in their room. When space started to get scarce, they moved into Grandma’s basement. But soon it began to get very tight and the family car had to temporarily leave the garage to free space for the LIMAS and from that moment on they had to look for a suitable space for the family business.
In 2017, Laura’ second daughter was born. Laura’s needs and the turbulent everyday life with two small children think of new ideas about how they could develop the LIMAS and adapt it to the individual needs of parents and children. This beautiful family is happy every day, because they help to make the daily life of parents and babies, a little more beautiful and relaxed.

Anna with Philipp, Lili and Laura