Mystic Howl

Brand: MAISAA Slings
Model: Mystic Howl
Composition: 100% Viscose Lenpur
Color: Blue & White
Size: 6
Grammage: 300 g/m2
Price: Not Available

For me, babywering is much more than carrying a child in a wrap or a backpack, for me babywearing is a way of being in life and motherhood.
The wrap I’ve come to talk to you about today is very much the way I look at babywearing, it’s also a lifestyle. This wrap is made of wood! AHAHAH I’m imagining your surprised faces and your questions of how something so soft can be made out of wood! 

The Mystic Howl is 100% composed of Lenpur fibre. Lenpur Fibre is a 100% natural fiber extracted from the white pines of Canada. It is extracted in a way that respects eco-sustainability. Do you realize now why I say that this wrap is in itself a lifestyle?
I have some customers who ask me for carriers that are made of fibers that do not have in their composition products of animal origin. They ask for this because they seek sustainable products, or because they do not eat or consume anything of animal origin. This wrap fulfills all these requirements! 

The Lenpur fibre is similar to the Lyocell/Tencel fiber, the cellulose is produced without chemical additives and the trees are cultivated sustainable. It is an ultra pure cellulose fibre (99.8% pure) and biodegradable.

In the description of the wrap, the brand mentions that the fibers are thin, with a high weight, and that it is so soft that it does not need to be broken. And you know what? That’s quite true. It’s soft, two or three uses and it looks like it’s made to our body and our baby’s body. Some people who experienced the cloth later mentioned having a lot of bounce, I on the other hand loved this particularity of the cloth. I like wraps like that, they give in, they fit without being slippery like silk. This cloth is smooth as cashmere and sturdy as the fibers of the wood that is made of.

Despite its softness and bounce, I could say that it is not the right wrap to test on a 16kg toddler, however I loved it. I loved it and abused him of so much use that I did in our micro holidays in Ericeira. After some time without carrying finally the youngest let himself load (q.b. LOL) and it was a pleasure for me to be able to do it. We went to the beach and we did great rides on the seawall. Conclusion, shoulders always OK with weight and warmth not felt. This fiber is quite thermorregulative, without letting it form too much heat in the mother-child contact. The fiber itself also presents absorption and odor elimination properties. Perfect, right? It came in the perfect colors for these seaside walks. It came with a set of light colors, the light blue color, very similar to the heavenly blue, and the white.

Do you know this brand? MAISAA Slings is a small Dutch company that focuses on the happiness of parents and babies, without losing sight of sustainability and security. All yarns used, as well as their weaving, are Öeko-TEX 100 certified. And with materials that aim sustainability of our oceans, air and soil.

I love it, a brand without a doubt to follow. Good stuff!

Dulce Ferreira

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