Mariblum is a baby clothing company, located in Germany, which was founded by Nicole Puls-Grönda (a babywearing consultant) and her husband Hagen Puls in March 2018. They produce and sell wraps and ring slings made of 100% hemp and dyed only with plants. Hemp is cultivated organic in the EU. Their wraps are sewn in Braunschweig (Germany). Sometimes you can find loops and scarfs in our online store.
Hemp is the strongest natural fiber that exists. Therefore, their wraps can be fine and very stable. This makes them perfect for very small babies, but also for small children. The material adapts perfectly to you and your child. Mariblum slings are already tender when they arrive. But by carrying your baby, they become even smoother. You will certainly notice this effect already in the second use.
Hemp really has many advantages, here are some of them:

  • It absorbs moisture;
  • Has a temperature regulator effect (cool in summer, warm in winter);
  • It’s resistant to mildew stains, molds and other microbes;
  • Hypoallergenic, so they do not cause allergic reactions;
  • It has a very low elasticity;
  • It has the highest tensile strength, dry or damp, of a natural fibre;
  • It’s characterised by a very long lifetime;
  • It produces a high natural UV protection;
  • It’s naturally colorless and do not need to be bleached.

Hemp is a very ecological plant, we would say the most ecological, which does not need pesticides, herbicides or fungicides and little water. Only for comparison: conventional cotton production consumes around 50% of pesticide production worldwide.