Sari Summer Morning Dream

Brand: Sari Sling
Model: Summer Morning Dream
Composition: 100% Cotton
Size: 2m
Weight: 270 g/m2
Color: Pastel (pink, blue & lilac)

Hello everyone,

Much of you do not know but this will be one of the most special reviews for me. You’re asking yourself right now, but why?
Oh, well…
My popcorn is almost almost 2 years old, that means we have entered this fantastic world of babywearing for about 2 year (YUPIIIIII aplauses for us). I feel more and more nostalgic, because my carrying days are increasingly a mirage and that the only baby carrier that Alicia accepts, without dramas, is our friend Ring Sling.

So today we say goodbye to the reviews of the other baby carriers. But we welcome all the RS who want to come around.

Oh, well… Today I come to talk to you of a brand that up until I received it was totally unknown to me. 
Sari Sling is a Polish brand, created very recently. It is a brand that is currently trying to implement in Portugal, so we have seen some copies of the brand. 
This special Ring Sling was sent to Panos Viajantes so that we could test it and we gave our opinion on it.

Well, here it goes…
This Ring Sling, whose name is Sari Summer Morning Dream, is 100% cotton, with 270g/m2 and with pastel tones that make it fall in love any living being in world (the next I don’t know but of this one I can almost guarantee).

It is a Ring Sling, which does not require much use to break, it has a soft to touch fabric and very malleable, does not offer any kind of resistance to pass the rings, a problem that we often find in this type of baby door , which makes it very easy to use. 
It is an extremely comfortable and easy to fit baby carrier. I personally recommend its use from birth until the baby no longer wants to be carried. Without a doubt, if I’ll have another child, this boy will be part of our stash.

I can tell you that you were our best friend during our holidays and we didn’t wear it more because we hibernated to a beautiful place but with lots of dirt and water to the mix and would easily get dirty due to its colors.

I will try to show you some of our “secret” corner, which is close to Santa Comba Dão and that makes me sigh for next year’s vacation. Come and discover the beach Senhora da Ribeira by the river and this fantastic ring sling.

Inês Leite Rocha