Indajani Till Naranja

, today I bring you a photo report a little different from the usual, a little more melancholy.
I chose to accompany me on this tour a cloth with a color that blends perfectly with the surrounding environment, not for good reasons, but with a very flashing color even to make us call attention to what is happening! Today this beautiful Indajani comes to warn us of the scourge we are committing against mankind. We have to say BASTA!

We see acres of burning area, threatened people, endangered species, threatened habitats, the ecosystem is threatened.
And by whom? For ourselves! Beings that are said to be the only species with intelligence. Where's she going? This intelligence that only makes you think of economics, where is the love for our house?? Yes our home is our planet not a square with walls and ceiling. In our house there are more inhabitants who deserve respect, whether they are plants or animals. And respect for ourselves! A little gesture changes a lot. And don't forget that if you don't think about yourselves, think about your children and the generations to follow, because we've walked for worse.

I hope you will reflect and think where you can change to move your son's future. The life of mankind depends on all of us.

Squeeze the gallery and come and discover the Mexican cloth that accompanied me on a stroll through an area burned in Vila de Rei-head of the pit.

Abdul Faizan