Kaya Dandelions

Brand: Kaya
Model: Dandelions
Composition: 100% Cotton
Size: 2m
Weight: 270 g/m2
Color: Blue and White
Price: €52

Hello everyone!!

As we shared a few weeks ago, I recently became a Kaya brand ambassador! So, I will have the opportunity, over the next few months, to try and show you several products of this Bulgarian brand created by Ivelina, who noticed that there was in Bulgaria lack of good babywearing products available at an affordable price for all people to carry their babies in an economical way and with quality products. (Learn more about Kaya here).

The first product I received was this beautiful ring sling, with a vibrant blue that screams for the beach, warmth, sunshine! When I opened the box I was amazed, because the photos do not do justice for it! A soft and fresh fabric added even more value, as the summer approached (thought I ahahah) and a fresh RS was the most needed! As soon as I received it I rushed to wash and dry it, dying to try it! Still at home I tested as soon as I could and loved it! It was all what that first touch had told me it would be! Fresh, smooth, with great support! The pattern shows small dandelions flying, which is simply adorable!

Meanwhile, my vacation is over and little Alice has grown up… Every more she likes to use her legs and being carried only in her condition! Owner of her nose like all toddlers! Still we enjoyed this RS very much on a trip to the pedagogical farm! A more than 1:30 walk and we both continued super comfortable! No pain in the shoulder, barely feeling the 10kg of the little one!

Although the fabric is very smooth and looks even slippery, little had to adjust it, which shows that what seems not always is, because, despite being smooth enough to be easy to adjust and slide on the rings, has the right grip so that it is not necessary adjust it frequently.

It’s a fabric with plenty of malleability and some bounce, so it fits perfectly to the baby’s butt and I think it’s perfect for little babies.

In my view it is worth noticing that a relatively low priced ring sling (+/-€50) can have this type of WQ that’s not always present in the RS of this range of values. So, I consider it an excellent investment for anyone who wants an RS to carry from tiny to toddler.

For those who got curious, you can see this and other products of Kaya here.

Bárbara Alves