Pabelle Slings-Sorbet Blur

Brand: Pabelle Slings
Model: Sorbetblur
Composition: 73% Cotton, 27% Tussah
Size: 5
Grammage: 290 g/m2
Color: green, grey, yellow and blue

Hello all!
Today I come to talk to you about a wrap that surprised me a lot…

When I opened the bag I was soon a little discouraged by the color.
Green! I do not like green very much (and we had a phase of many green wraps… Isn’t it true?), but after seeing it in the natural light I realized it’s not one of those ugly greens! And after a few minutes, after realizing the real beauty of the wrap, there I was lost by the colors… It certainly have happened to you! Not everything can be love at first sight!

The hue of the green is beautiful, we add to it a pattern of geometric notes in a dark gray tone and light yellow and blue nubs… Oh nubs! I love nubs… Give texture, give charm, give a special touch!

The weight itself is not very high and by holding it the wrap has a fine touch and is extremely malleable! These two features make it very easy to enter, as adjustments are achieved in a much faster way! When we took a walk with it I had to put the boy to the hip in the middle of the parking lot and it didn’t take a bit!

The support is excellent and always kept in place! A few more points in favor, right? Because in this case I still walked a good time and I endured super well, no need to adjust! Thanks texture!

The composition of cotton and Tussah makes it a super cool cloth and the malleability, already mentioned above, also comes from here!

I really enjoyed testing this rag! Comfortable on the shoulders, ideal for heavy bums, beautiful for the eyes and a heartbreaker for sure!

But we don’t control everything and the cloth doesn’t work miracles, so I ended up with a huge scarf on a summer’s day and my son chasing the fish… #toddlerlife

See you next time.

Libânia Freitas