Brand: Luna Drea
mmodel: Grow U
pcomposition: 100% organic cotto
n color: Blue, Red & Branc
oage recommended: 2 months up to 2
Years panel Dimension: 17 to 42 cm width, 45 cm H
eight: €105.93

Hello Travellers Cloths Community

Today I bring you the review of a backpack from Luna Dream. Luna Dream is a Polish brand that was founded with the intention of producing quality chargers at low cost. In fact, all materials used in the manufacture of the Chargers are certified by Oeko-Tex Standard 100 and the prices seem to be quite affordable, mainly from this Standart backpack. 

I have to confess that I did not use this backpack as much as it deserved, the days of prolonged lap here by the house are scarce more and more, we have a toddler who asks for short periods, sometimes in an uncertainty if he wants to lap or want to run. 

From the uses I've made, I identify some positive points from the backpack. One of the positive points are the padded straps, but not too enchudulated, that is, they are at the right point to minimize the weight on the shoulders without feeling uncomfortable with the height. There are those backpacks that when you turn your head it looks like you only see straps, that's not the case. Another positive point was the comfort of the belt. Its width/height (12cm) gives stability and comfort to the size, helps to keep the baby's weight without hurting it, and without being too rigid for those who are being charged. Another positive point is the protective elastics of all buckles used in the backpack and the fact that the belt buckle is triple compression for opening. I always get the feeling that it gives greater security for possible mistakes or jokes with the belt.

Of the less positive points, which does not have to do with the backpack itself, but rather with the option of buying is the panel does not have vertical adjustment. Although the toddlers do not need such a fine adjustment in the cervical area, in certain situations may be useful. To minimize this characteristics we have the connecting buckles of the straps in the belt, for smaller babies, or on the panel, for larger babies. The panel is height 42cm. Wide has a variable aperture of 35-45cm depending on the setting we need to make. This fit in this backpack is done through Velcros in the belt area.

In a global assessment I consider that it is a backpack with a good quality/price ratio, comfortable in use, even in long periods of time to carry (although I have not had this experience).

I would like to finish this review by saying a phrase from coach and author Pedro Sousa Vieira: "My opinion is as good as anyone's!", this means that everything that is in a review is a mixture of concrete data from the charger, with characteristics Subjective of those who experience it. Of course I have tested many chargers, of course I can have several chargers in mind to make comparison. However, the comparison is dependent on an experience that alone is always subjective. What's comfortable for me may not be for another person, padded straps for me can be someone else's nightmare. The important thing is that after reading a review you can try the loader in question. For this to happen have several alternatives: The Chargers of friends, the Chargers of Friends of friends, the local encounters (there are some scattered around this Portugal, just search the Internet, on Facebook), a babywearing consultation (if Well that the consultants do not have a copy of each charger. I do not have, there may be anyone who has), borrow from people from Babywearing group, rent The charger in question (there are already online stores, physical stores and even consultants who rent their chargers) or ultimately buy and if you have not Pleased to return the charger (almost all brands have a 14 day return period).

So go try the Chargers, it looks like the sun comes in so we can get out, walk and do a lot of spam with beautiful boots to die ?

Fernando Fernandes