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Brand: Soul Sling
smodel: Minic
omposition: 100% Cotton
Color: Blue & Li
lassity recommended: From RN to 20Kgp
anel Dimension: Width 17 to 45cm, height 30 to 45 Cm
Price: €129

Hello everyone,

Do you still remember what article was my last review? Remember that was the first time I gave my opinion about a backpack? Well, it seems that it is becoming a habit and today I bring you again the review of a backpack, this time the Minion of Soul Slings. Have

you ever heard of this brand? It's not the first time we've been doing a review on this brand (you can see the other review here), but I'm still going to tell you a little bit about your story.

The Soul Slings is an Indian brand that was born in 2014 in Bangalore, in the bosom of a family of four (mother, father, daughter and son) advocate of domestic education, breastfeeding, reusable diapers, parenthood with attachment, CO and clear, Babywearing.
Soul Slings soon became the biggest brand of baby carriers in India. This brand produces a wide variety of baby carriers, all handmade and sent directly by Soul in India to all over the world.
At Soul Slings we use the finest Indian textiles of pure natural fibres (cotton, linen), using safe dyes for babies. All your products are tested for safety by stringent international standards. They support the local small-scale industry as a business option.

This backpack came to my hands last April, but since I already have a toddler that is very lady of your nose, I could only try it this week. I was looking forward to having the girl let me try it, but it wasn't easy, honestly, I think my days as a regular loader are numbered…

This backpack is 100% cotton, is adjustable in width by velcro and height for buckles, all very easy to understand. I love its tones, a blue and lilac that combine brilliently with a geometric pattern that gives it an even more special gl
ow. It has a tough belt, but not too much, or not that it hurts me at all, also has a bag, in the belt area, super cute to keep your belongings, such as keys and mobile phone-which is undoubtedly very practical. As for the straps, they are padded as a taste, I did not feel discomfort in the armpit area due to the tape, as already happened with other backpacks I experienced.

I can tell you that I am pleasantly surprised by this backpack, but I wish I could have tried it with a smaller baby, or even the newborn, to see how the adjustments behave, since its use is possible from Birth up to 20kg, if not even near future to be able to experiment with a smaller baby, I promise I'll come and tell you what I found.

It seems to me an excellent option for toddlers just to find that the maximum width (45cm) will not last as late as the brand announces. I would like to have experienced it with my eldest, with almost 4 years, 18kg and almost 1m high but unfortunately the scarlet fever attacked us, making it impossible to use it.

The backpacks are always one of the most easy-to-use baby doors in the everyday racing life, since after well-adjusted it allows a practical and quick placement.

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ime! Rakesh LAL