Diso Prototype

Brand: Diso
Model: Prototype
Composition: 100% Cotton
Size: 5
Color: Green and Black
Price: Not available

When I started talking to Roar about the possibility of sending a tester I had to take the opportunity to also ask for a tester from DISO. I had seen some spam wraps on Facebook and was super curious to try both brands and perceive the differences or similarities between them. DISO is that wrap that we desperately have to have! The one who makes us dispatch all the others to have it. Did this wrap create that feeling in me? Keep reading to find out…

When it arrived, I was so excited to open their Packaging!!!! It had finally arrived!! When I started to open the package and looked inside the bag everything stopped… The wrap was GREEN! My God, what pursuit is this??? I’ve never been a big fan of green and yet suddenly I was full of green wraps!! I thought, let’s see the wrong side, maybe there’s an improvement… The green with black background effectively gets better, but the enough to please me?

I tried it only once and then, tired of green, I let it stay in the closet. I lent it. It’s back in the closet again. Until I was on vacation and decided I had to give it a chance. So I took the wrap with me to the Alentejo coast and decided it was going to be my holiday wrap, which was going to give it the deserved use. Well, I’m glad I did! Because this DISO surprised me! Right fluffy enough to become comfortable on the shoulders even in a ruck. A wrap with enough grip to not be needing constant adjustments, but not too much that becomes impossible to make more than one layer. This is a malleable wrap, the kind of wrap I would advise to someone who wants a forever wrap: from baby to toddler, for a whole life of babywearing. Soft for the small ones, with great support for the big ones, thanks to their diagonal that allows the wrap to not have too much bounce.

Alice is a super-restless baby and with this wrap happened something that nowadays is already rare: she fell asleep. While at the beginning this was the most common thing in the world today it only happens in rare moments and the fact that it happens with this wrap says a lot about the comfort that it provided us, for being so soft and moldable.

In short, this wrap caught us by surprise. It was not love at first sight, much because of its color, but with a few days of dating we were convinced. It will be one more that will cost to send on travel, but it deserves to be tried and that will be adored by those who have this opportunity.

Bárbara Alves

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