BeLenka Lenka 4 Ever Polar Mandala Night

Hello loaders from all over the country and around!

Today I come to show you a beautiful backpack of dying, comfortable and full of meanings! The brand?! Mr. Belenka. Know the history of this brand on the site or in the reviews that have already been made of the brand, will love it! However this backpack in blue sea tones, comes with the image of a lotus flower mandala.

In the east, the lotus flower means spiritual purity.
The Lotus (Padma), is an aquatic plant that blooms over the water.

In Buddhist symbolism, the most important meaning of the lotus flower is the purity of the body and the mind.
So we went to take her with us on vacation where we renewed, inspired us and freed ourselves from everything that does not do us good, in the hope of Good vibrations.
I hope you feel the good energy that is backpack transmits to us!


Scott Lee