To Naranja

Brand: Indajan
imodel: Till Naranja
composition: 100% Cotton
Size: 5 co
lor: Orange & White
Price: Sold OUT

Hello, Hello!

I debut in this world of reviews with a wonderful cloth, a kind of chameleon that cheats well at first glance, but before entering into details we will know a little the history of the brand, the Indajani.

Indajani, means "water that is born" in Zapoteco, and is a brand of baby carriers originating in Oaxaca, Mexico, composed of craftsmen of the area known as Sierra Sur. Your baby carriers, rebzos and scarves are all hand-woven on waist looms.

To deepen just a little more, one of the highlights of Oaxaca is that each village of the zone, where many craftsmen reside that make folk art, has its own specialty handmade from carpets, ceramics, wood,…. At the level of weaving its patterns, vibrant colors, quality and beauty are world-renowned and appreciated.

The brand aims at the artisan and ecological elaboration of products compatible with natural creation, respecting the environment, in order to leave a better world for our children. They believe that baby products should promote the special bond between mother and child and that raising children with love and respect cannot spoil them. They argue that contact, both physically and emotionally, between mothers and children is of great importance and that carrying them is the best for creation and education with love.

This is the philosophy of the brand and as such produces only products that stimulate the natural proximity relationship between mothers, fathers and children. Products they serve, not to entertain them, but rather to be closer to them.

Now that you have realized the profound history, full of culture, traditions and meanings, we will return to the cloth that sent us to be tested.
I received the Till Naranja, which is 100% cotton, with 300gsm and handwoven in Herringbone Twill and the first time I looked at it I was delighted with its charm. A beautiful, vibrant and seemingly so simple cloth. Apparently…

At the beginning of this review I called you chameleon for easily deceiving at first glance, as it seems soft to the touch, but in reality it is rough, rustic. We think of 300gsm and we think it will be a thick blanket and in reality it is super malleable, the Herringbone Twill and the fact that it is woven by hand helps in this aspect and because it also came very well broken when it reached my hands.

The color itself, orange and white, simple no? And yet sometimes it is light orange, other reddish and sometimes a mixture of both. Anyway it is a saturated color and very beautiful!

When we used it for the first time it was possible to immediately perceive the potential of this cloth, super easy to enter because it is very malleable and a brutal support, thanks to a good diagonal, which allows us a lot of flexibility at the moment of Entrapar. There is no bounce with this cloth. It seems to me to be an excellent cloth for toddlers and to be worn for long periods of time.

My cub is not very heavy but has carpenters… And yet nothing has moved after being entraped, because being very textured is great at the level of grip, thus getting everything in its proper place.
On the other hand, that same texture, when we use the cloth directly in contact with the skin (or thin clothing) leaves mark and starts to hurt after some time.

I really enjoyed trying out this cloth, which, by the way, was my first handwoven and the fact that it came from where it comes only increases the pleasure I had to have had for a while in the house. Nothing better than an excellent cloth allied to a culture and roots as vast and profound as the one it has.

I hope you enjoyed it and see you soon!

Daniel Freeman