Brand: Hoppedi
zmodel: Brest
composition: 100% Cotto
n Size: 6 (460x70cm)
color: Blue, Brown & Whitep
rice: 39.99 – €69.99

Hello everyone, today I come to talk to you of Hoppediz.

Hoppediz is a German brand, born by the hand of Annette Schröder and her husband, at the birth of her son. The products of this brand are developed because they are lacking in the market or because they perceived the need for other users. Hoppediz researches, develops and finds perfect solutions and complements its offer with innovative products. As was the case of BONDOLINO, a baby carrier inspired by daughter Nina, a special child born with Down syndrome. But about this baby carrier, we'll talk on another occasion.

Today I come to talk to you about Brest, it is a cloth that has aroused me curiosity for its thickness, or in this case, the lack thereof. As you know, I like thin cloths, which is not always easy to find, especially when we have small bearings to carry and think in comfort.

This cloth has in its pattern a set of asymmetric stripes alternating in shades of blue, raw and brown, also has the particularity of one of the tips have a pocket, made in the same material as the cloth, which allows us to keep the essentials by hand for the rides with the breakfast The Uenos.

At the touch we realized how thin it is, made 100% in cotton demonstrates a medium grip, which allows us to easily adjust not escaping or slipping too much, however after some time needs adjustment, especially when we carry a leaner, in However, I was surprised when it comes to a small legstraightener, as is the case with Alex.

One of my difficulties to carry is to prevent him from undoing the seat, which is not always easy, but with Brest he failed to undo the seat once. On the back, the cloth would run more easily when it leant sideways, thus needing constant adjustment.

For being really thin does not allow for a pleasant comfort, I believe that in sizes of 2 layers would be more comfortable for grown babies, but unfortunately I did not have the opportunity to test, however seems to me a good option for those who have small babies, Especially in warmer times since it is a fairly fresh cloth.

So I'm going to confess that it was a rag that didn't fascinated me, but on the other hand, Alex loved it, for the first time he went to get a rag to ask for his lap and that's what he chose.

Anup Naik