Zara Four Queen

Brand: Ellevil
lmodel: Zara
composition: 100% Cotto
n Size: 6 g
ramm:265g/m2 colo
r: green, purple & Blue

Hello everyone! In my first review I come to talk about the Zara four Queen of Ellevill.

Ellevill is a Norwegian brand that was born in May 2008 with the goal of creating beautiful, comfortable, practical products with environmentally friendly production. The brand is currently closing, so all cloths are at very low prices until the stock is finished.

How did I get to this rag? It was almost by accident actually… I had the opportunity to participate in the trip of another cloth Ellevill of Luciana and I took as always to peek at the prices of the brand. That's when I found out they were in full liquidation and decided that maybe it was worth buying one, because even without knowing it, the price was always worth the adventure. I ended up joining with two more friends and we decided to order 4 cloths! I was looking for the same rag as the trip, but… When I went shopping I had exhausted. I was sad because I'm team rainbow all the way, and this option had evaporated ? but… Another option arose and although in doubt I decided to buy the four Queen by purple, my color of choice! Purchase made and past 1 month arrived a pack!!! Happy, I had a party just before I opened the package and warned them as soon as they had finally arrived! When I opened the package I was dying! There were only two cloths and none of them were for me, they were the 2 for the same person!! ??

I'd given up when we finally got one more pack! Again I had a party and warned Ana that finally our cloths had arrived! Until I opened the package and… Was only 1 Rag!! This time I had reached my cloth and none!!! During this time I tried several times to contact the brand without success, but fortunately PayPal helped ??

Although not everything went well when I finally saw the cloth, I fell in love!! The colors were totally my face, the soft touch, a thinner cloth.. As soon as I got home I had to wash it and dry it with all the urgency, after 2 months I was dying to try!!!!

Dry and past the iron and let's try it! Wow! More and more passionate! A fine cloth, but with good support, easy to adjust and with beautiful colors. Although it does give a little after some time, it's something I've felt better over time and I think it'll get more and more good. Of the last cloths we have experienced this was Alice's favorite, whenever we walk with him it is right that he will fall asleep, as you can see in some photographs. Although thin is comfortable on the shoulders, even with a small lead like mine and, because it is thin, it is a very malleable cloth, or rather it is of the most malleable I have ever tested! The big problem is to be something prone to pulls, having even come to me already with some, although nothing of concern and nothing that with some care do not avoid easily. It is of those cloths that makes me believe that it will be perfect for newborn because it is so malleable, adjustable and soft and I am with immense desire to try (no, it will not be with my NB for sure ???).

I leave you some photographs of our tours and the NAPs you provided to Little Alice ♥️

Ahmed Abubakar