Turmalin Oscuro

Brand: SensiMo Slin
gsmodel: Turmalin Oscur
o Composition: 100% combed Cotto
n Size: 6
Gramm: 250 g/m2 co
lor: green, blue & Purple

Today I come to talk to you about a special cloth, a cloth that marked my first year as a mother, a cloth that made me grow and learn in this world of babywearing.

When I started in this world of babywearing I was very afraid of the rags. What if he couldn't do the knots? Or the postage? Worse, what if I dropped it while it was in the door? They were very ses and very afraid of the mixture.

It took some time to gain courage and the day only came thanks to the father who decided to offer this little pat on my first day of mother. Having been my first cloth received on my first day of mother made me soon gain a special affection for him as they can calculate. Still on top with strong, passionate colors together harmoniously making a pattern that falls in love with anyone. But would my opinion have remained?

Sensimo Slings became reality thanks to the love for people and the cloths "We are friends and mothers full of ideas and energy, we love babywearing." The addiction to love and the motivation to see the love transmitted by carrying our little ones together with the ideology that a sensitive mother is all that the most needed babies gave birth to her name.

The Sensimo Turmalin Oscuro is a cloth made 100% with combed cotton, which gives it an extremely gentle touch, with 250 g/m2 and a fantastic confortability allowing us to give long rides needing, due to its texture, to be adjusted, mainly with a Leaner or a legstraightener.

It is a cloth with pouquissima grip, easy and difficult to adjust. You should be asking yourself, "Oh? But is this girl crazy? " I pass, then, to explain. Due to the reduced grip is a cloth easy to place and adjust but has tendency to give enough. It has a good diagonal which facilitates the adjustment in both newborns and toddlers, and in toddler can create an uncomfortable bounce due to low weight as well.

Although it is recommended by the brand as an excellent cloth for beginners, in my opinion it will be better already having some experience, it is a cloth that needs a good fit to look good on the site, however, I highlight that this is my opinion, being somewhat suspicious For I have preference for thinner cloths and although this is not too thick for me already has some thickness.

I advise this cloth, not for beginners without at least experiencing first, but for those who already have some practice and confortability in Entrapar.

I encourage you to explore a little bit the website of the brand (https://sensimoSlings.com) and guarantee that you will fall in love with some of your articles thanks to its variety and diversification of colors and patterns available.

Anup Naik