Unique Sunset Switch & Onbuhimo Lokum Hazel

Hello! Today I come to talk about two baby doors that Neko, together with the Granujas Crianza (his distributor in Spain) sent us – a backpack Switch and an Onbuhimo. Let's see what I think of these two SSC.

For starters we will know a little about the brand. Neko Slings is the first and only registered trademark in Turkey since 2012 produces babywearing articles. Its name "Neko" means "cat" in Japanese and was chosen because the brand is inspired by the way the chicks carry the two cubs with naturalness and ease. The babywearing is instinctive and the motivation of the brand goes on to help mothers and fathers can carry with the same ease and elegance. The brand began with the production of elastic cloths and babywearing covers. It began to grow in 2015 with the addition of a line of woven cloths and the enlargement of distributors and retailers throughout Europe. W
e arrived at the brand through its distributor in Spain, the Granujas Crianza. Founded by Sara, Diego and Adri. Sara is a mother, babywearing consultant, lactancy Advisor among other things. Adri is a father, architect, designer and entrepreneur. Diego was the child who started this whole thing.

Brand: Nek
omodel: Unique Sunset Switch
composition: 100% cotton bio
Size: Babysize (adjustable in width and height) co
lor: orange, yellow and green

I got this backpack and I was soon in love with the colors! It calls summer and warmth and looks perfect for these bright days we've had! Washed and dried, we were then tested and what did we find? To start I found it fantastic to finally receive a backpack that brings back protectors of handles for babies who like to try to eat the backpack, since it is usually something sold separately by the brands.

The backpack has a tough belt but it has enough malleability not to become uncomfortable and that can go from 66 to 145 cm to adapt to any person. The straps can be used to finish on the belt or in the middle of the panel, so that it can be adapted to smaller or larger babies – worn on the belt to decrease the pressure on the backs of infants up to 6 months and in the middle of the baby panel over 6 months (although the Alice has 15 months and I still wear on the belt for feeling more comfortable like this).

With the same adaptability objective, the panel can be adjusted in width from 14 to 40 cm, through springs and height through PFA (perfect fit adapters) and cords that pull to decrease the panel (minimum height of 29 cm and maximum of 41cm).

Despite the different adjustments I found a backpack fairly easy to adjust, even for beginners, and it becomes a very comfortable backpack because the handles are lined with high density foam that helps to withstand the weight of the baby.

This backpack can be worn to the front or back, always with the baby facing us, and the straps can be worn straight or crossed on the back.

Brand: Nek
omodel: Onbuhimo Lokum Hazel
composition: 60% cotton & 40% Bambo
o Size: Toddler (adjustable in width)
color: grey and black

Alongside the Switch backpack we received this Onbu, only the second Onbu that we tested and definitely the favorite! This Onbu is adjustable in width, such as the Switch, through springs, and vertically through PFA's and cords, which makes it easier for smaller babies to become more comfortable. The brand speaks that can be used from 8-9 months until about 3 years, although we know that it is always relative.

Many may not have yet experienced an Onbu and might not even know what it is. Then an Onbuhimo is a structured baby door (SSC), in this case converted from the Lokum Hazel cloth, made to be worn on the back and that has no lumbar support belt, thus making it the ideal solution for pregnant women who still carry their toddlers. How easy it is to put and take is perfect for toddlers who want to walk everywhere but who get tired fast and ask for lap. With heavier children it can become more uncomfortable for not having lumbar support like the backpack.

So what specifically does this Onbu mean? He was our best sidekick ever! Alice slept countless sestas while I was treating the tens of the house. It was always shot and fall, was to put Alice in the Onbu and last 5 minutes listened to the gentle snoring of my toddler. Super comfortable, even after 1 hours of use, because the handles have a unique curvature that makes them more comfortable than normal ones.

In short, it was one of my favorite baby carriers to experience and I hope that, now that it has been on the road, it is also a great help for these families who will receive it.

Ahmed Abubakar