Ocean Breeze, Miami

Brand: Liliputi Baby Carri
ersmodel: Ocean Bree
ze composition: 100% organic Co
tton Size: 2m (70 cm wide) We
ight: 220 g/m2 co
lor: Blue

How many times, we women, we didn't have to think about what we were going to wear to that christening, that wedding, where we knew we were going to spend baby's day.

How many times we didn't thought to wear that dress but it wouldn't go well because we were going to spend the baby day.

How many times have we thought about wearing that top-down, it wouldn't go well because we were going to spend the baby day.

This was my big dilemma this summer that passed, with a christening and not knowing what to wear. Then came the doubt of how the day would run, after all a baptism is not exactly the best place for a baby of six months extremely social, the tantrums, the sleep, the steady lap…

The rags I had weren't exactly ceremony, it wasn't those rags that would look good in any outfit or even a ceremonial outfit. That's when this Liliputi came to us.

I started my journey through the world of babywearing with a Ring Sling, at the end of a week I knew as soon as it was not for me, among several frustrated attempts, pains, discomfort, after a month it was to give Colho, to the Algarvias lands, to a beautiful princess. But when I saw this Liliputi I could not resist to experience so beautiful that it is and there we went, after five months of "want is rags" and "Ring slings is not for me".

Oh and how rendered I was, from the pattern to the touch, from comfort to practicality, from the colors to Alex's reaction, and what beautiful sonnecas he gave. It was with all certainty our choice for baptism and without a shadow of doubt our salvation.

With 1, 8m of Ocean Breeze, 100% organic cotton and 220g/m2 of gramme, thin and easy to adjust makes it perfect for beginners of babywearing, not to mention the soft touch and fantastic malleability that is a fantastic factor for those who do not have much Practice. One of the great difficulties I have is to get the correct fit in the rings and I must say that until today this was the only one that I had the least difficulties and did not even need to go to compose, with us carried a badger of 9kg that does not settle a single second and gave some Good hours without any pain or discomfort and not only accompanied us to vaccines but also gave for some experiences of postage without yielding always keeping the fit.

Because it is light and fresh, this Ring Sling is perfect for the summer, it was not an Ocean Breeze to melt us with its pattern and color, which I venture to say are unique.

Not only did you walk through the city of students, Coimbra, as you went through the Scalabitanas lands, from the monastery of Santa Clara-A-Velha to the beautiful cathedral of Santarém, making the delights of all who have crossed paths with us.

Despite being an undisclosed brand in Portugal, Liliputi Baby Carriers presents a great versatility of gorgeous products, from the simplest and most wonderful patterns to the most refetched to all tastes, to me are a fantastic market option, with Excellent quality and good quality/price ratio. But it's best to see for yourselves, so watch the site and let yourself fall in love.

Anup Naik