Blue Navy

Brand: RoNa Baby
model: Navy Blue C
omposition: 100% linen
Color: Grey

Hello moms and dads, porters or who just enjoy reading on the subject, who knows even to gain courage to enter this wonderful world.

Today I come to speak to you of a Mei-tai hybrid of the brand RoNa.

RoNa Baby is a Ukrainian brand that was born of the need for a mother who wanted to carry her first child, but unfortunately there was not a large variety of baby carriers in her country. The dream of creating a Mei-Tai made RoNa appear. He did it first for himself, then for the loader friends and his followers on social networks, helped several mothers to dominate the different types of baby carriers. All this lasted more than 4 years until it finally gave rise to a complete line of slings: Mai Sling, Aqua, backpacks, capes and, of course, hybrids. But it was after the birth of his second son who began to create really comfortable and evolutionary backpacks, suitable for the smallest.

Who knows me knows that I am an assumed fan of hybrids, the buckle belt makes its placement and adjustment extremely easy and fast, also facilitating the change of sizes, already the handles in fabrics become more comfortable to carry and facilitate the change of Charger without being required the constant adjustments as it happens in the backpacks.

Its 100% linen fabric makes it super light and fresh, in a simple color and subtle pattern that makes it simply wonderful.

This boy has a wide belt comfortably padded, in my view neither little nor too much, but rather the ideal that allows us to be comfortable without making too much volume. The straps that start cushioned in order to minimize the weight on the shoulders and opening in wide fabric to provide support and adjustment in the size.

Being scalable only in width, through velcro adjustment, I do not think it is ideal for smaller babies being however possible to use with some tricks, however I do not recommend for first-time mothers with babies still small without follow-up.

Lastly, but in no way less important, before on the contrary is comfort, oh my God the comfort, with this Mei-tai I realized when they say they look like clouds, I have a small lead and hardly feel it to carry, not to mention the comfort for him also because in 5mi N landed, and this twice being that in the others I was almost asleep too and I highlight that it is something that has not happened for a few months.

In short, I strongly recommend the RoNa Baby, not only for the fantastic products, but for the wonderful patterns and friendliness of the super accessible owner and always ready to help. Don't let them peek.

Anup Naik