Nameolvides Monochrome

Brand: Luluna Slin
gsmodel: nameolvide
s composition: 60% cotton & 40% Li
nen size: 6
gramm:270g/m2 Co
lor: Black & White

Hey, guys, so you thought I ran away? You're not going to have to read me around here yet. The wheel loader days are a little tricky that this kid's growing up faster than we're prepared is not easy at all. Because it's my baby's grown up and it's going to be two years. For these days I have been feeling pretty melancholy, longing for the days that we spent well graspers, always with a cloth or backpack embracing that love so pure. But today my pirate does not want so much lap, is becoming independent, likes to run, explore, feel, live the immense world that surrounds him. As much as I miss the feeling of your lap the best I can do is encourage you to make these discoveries. And they still told me the most popular voices that the lap and my son would only want to walk around, pure crap, what he wants most is to unlock the world with his, still, short legs, with his quick step as who is in a hurry to live.

The cloth I brought you today was with me in a very long time. As its own name says "Nameolvides" it is indeed an unforgettable cloth. It's for a lot of reasons. This cloth came to my hands completely new, had only been washed and think of a beast, now raise it squared, it was this cloth. My God he was a real beast, tough, but so hard he didn't even know what to do with it. There were 4, 60m of cloth to tame.

I got this rag a few days before the holidays, and very honestly I thought "I'm not taking this rag with me, I'll be screwed. He needs a lot of attention and I need something that's already used and gives me comfort. " But it wasn't the life of challenges, Inês there bothered me to take it, but I always told him No. The day before the trip, the kid was going to go around the rag and not let go, it sounded like a sign, and there was the rag for the suitcase.

I have to say it was a great decision. We went for a walk through Carcassonne, we walked a lot all day and make that trip and know the whole city the way we know with a baby would only be possible through the BBW. Starting in the streets and ending in the main its magnificent castle that is impossible to visit with a cart.  Not that that was a possibility, but this cloth was a brutal help. Due to its composition 40% flax and 60% cotton combed this gives it to such "Bestisse", but this made it also perfect for that moment because its high flu although difficult very, very even make sizes with more than one layer, but also Allowed after adjusting could walk hours that he did not move a millimeter.

Its color is black and white, however the way the loom draws its flowers makes it appear to be almost silvery. It is a very beautiful, elegant and discreet cloth for those who do not like rags too much gaudy is perfect. The linen gives it a perfect lightness and freshness to be a summer cloth. Although it has only 270 gramme this does not make it a fine cloth, because as it is a hard cloth it supports very well a toddler without creasing or hurting the shoulders. I made several sizes with him, since the FWCC, rucksack, double Hammok, Slipknot, they all gave me a lot of comfort for the matter of the cloth not yielding. The double Hammok confessed that he needed help to pass the second layer because he simply did not slide. This had its advantages because in order to finalize the size nor needed a coat of sweat kkkkk

I had the opportunity to return to use at the end of his trip through Minho and I realized the difference, much more malleable, however it will never be a soft cloth. It is not a cloth that I would recommend for a newborn especially if the person does not have much experience, because it needs enough work and as it is not anything soft do not know to what extent this can not become uncomfortable for the case of direct contact with the skin of the Baby.

Well, I don't lengthen, I leave you some pictures of our rides with him.

Kisses from me and my little piratinha.

See you next time.

Ana Ramos

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