LennyGO Big Love

Brand: Lenny La
mbmodel: Big Lov
e composition: 100% cot
ton Size: Toddler, from 8/9kg to 20
Kgpanel: 45 cm width and 48 cm height co
lor: Rainbow


This week I come to talk to you about a backpack (my first review of a backpack) of a brand that I had never experienced but long ago I heard about it.

LennyLamb is a Polish brand, which grew adhering to its principles and working hard. It was founded in June 2008 by two sisters-Asia and Kasia and their respective husbands-Michał and PIOTR. The Babywearing and the idea of parenthood of attachment is the great passion of Asia Bogdan. The love of Kasia Sikorska's fabric makes it look for the most beautiful and striking color combinations and explores more interesting patterns.

The "Travellers Cloths" was created in June 2018, ie we are almost to make a little ring, after the blog "Funtastic Mom" has started the heading Fun Babywearing. You have already made or are part of this project 13 people to whom I have and I must thank you for all your success. Thank you to all, those who are still here and those who have been here, without you and your commitment none of this had been possible, and probably never would have survived the weather!!!

This cheerful and sparkling backpack has reached the hands of "Panos" Girls through Barbara. Lenny Lamb came to contact us so that Portugal could try out LennyGO, and sent us this extraordinary backpack with a pattern of falling in love. I was fortunate to be the first person to try it during their stay here, and I was the second, the first to experience was Barbara and Little Alice. This review should have been authored by Barbara but as the backpack still gets a little big for Alice, she gave the pleasure of being me to speak.

This backpack is a conversion of a cloth, 100% cotton, Big Love, and that is why it has an incredible malleability. It does not have any adjustment in height or width, which for me makes it somewhat limited. What I miss most was, without a doubt, a height adjustment buckle, because for my 19-month-old toddler it was right near the edge. I can confirm to you that it is a backpack that will give until quite a while, because I had the pleasure of experimenting with my eldest son (almost 4 years) on the back and besides still give a good knee and knee support, did not feel the weight of it , not a bit.

Speaking now of 2 crucial points for me, the belt and the straps… The belt is not all rijo, it is very malleable and I must confess that it was my biggest fear, I tried another backpack whose belt was also malleable and wrapped up all, which was a real nightmare, but I was quite surprised. This belt behaves as if it was a tough belt, or Impec. As for the handles, are cushions but not too much and felt I lacked here a little more length of the cushioned, namely, I do not know if it will be more chubby but there to reach the part under the arm had only tape, I do not know if I am making myself understand.

Aesthetically, it's a lindissyma backpack, a real rainbow. Your drawing with small hearts creates a motion effect, making it even more beautiful. You need to be very careful with your fabric, because it is super prone to pulls. During the photos for this review I managed to make 3 pulls in the backpack: the

I hope you enjoyed our first review on backpacks, by default I like it to be Ana Rodrigues to do it because it is my understanding in the subject, and come from there the next.

Rakesh LAL