Insignium ' Rust Dust '

Brand: Aumai Sling
smodel: Insignium
composition: 57% Peruvian cotton, 24% combed cotton, 22% silk Tussa
hsize: Ring Sling (2m approx.)
Weight: 298 g/m2 c
olor: Rust and Black
Limited edition

Hey, guys, how you doing? Well it seems that what would be expected to be all dying of heat after all is still not quite so, but on the one hand it is better yet because it gives me the opportunity to abuse a little more of the ring sling that I come to talk to you today. Well, you must have seen him around the babywearing groups, but now I come to tell you my opinion of him.

To begin the care of the brand in its submission was fantastic, because it comes in a beautiful box, that is, a person already looks at the box and already dazzles, super well cared and packed. But the best comes when you open and you see a beautiful RS, it looks old. You know those old, thick shawls that aren't even cute or rough?! But at the same time we don't want to take them off the back?! It is so this RS, it has a super rustic air, a touch that is not easy to describe. It is full of nubs, but when I say full is full even, on a hard kkkkk level.

There are brands that have great attention to the smallest details, and in fact Aumai praizes it, as I said before in the box detail, the way the sling is packaged, also could not fail to speak in the detail of the laser engraved message on the rings. In one of the rings is the name of the brand "Aumai Slings" and the other the hashtag that both represents "#wherewillwegotoday". It's details that you couldn't leave aside.

Its rust and black color resembles an ancient tapestry, an ancient piece, full of refinement. Although it speaks of a thick cloth the fit of it in the rings is super simple slides very well and does not sag. It has a brutal support for toddler, but although it has not used with a small baby I believe that as its fit is easy also be great. I almost forgot, did I tell you that you have fringes? Well, he's got fringes, some pretty short fringes that still give him more charm. 

Well, you don't even notice anything I like about the sling, do you? Is that I how to use quite RS for quick things with my pirate, have one that gives me a good support and be comfortable is amazing. However not everything is pink, because the biggest defect of it is to be hot, yes it is very hot, who paid attention early when I compared it to a shawl is in this sense also, because as it is thick, with high weight, and the Peruvian cotton make it quite hot for the summer .

The mark in the likeness of so many others arose with the need for a father and a mother to have their hands free. With the birth of a second child being the first a very demanding child, they sought ways to have hands free and available to the elder and the nothing better than the babywearing for that. The name Aumai arose from the name of a Polynesian friend who is an exemplary person for the creators of the brand as an example of caring for the other, and the translation of his name in some languages means "swimming for me", "bringing" and "supporting", so it could not be a combination More perfect.

Aumai slings are first-class. They are made of selected, environmentally friendly yarns as much as possible without the addition of artificial elastic fabrics. And even its packaging is designed for multiple use.

So I leave you with another review starting my countdown in these wanderings.

Kisses from me and my little great pirate.

Ana Ramos

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