The Green Heron

Brand: Lolly Woven
smodel: Green c
omposition: 80% combed cotton, 20% micro Tencel
Size: 6 Gr
amagem: 280 g/m2 c
olor: Green & White

Everyone in the babywearing world has heard of Lolly Wovens. A strong marketing campaign, many launches with giveaways, cute and economical cloths, what else can we ask for right? But… Each cloth is a cloth and each person has different tastes, so so much is said that one should experience everything before buying, because if I like a cloth or backpack does not mean that the other person will like it as much as me.

Lolly Wovens is a brand created by a group of friends and family who have experience in the babywearing industry. Over the years they have been learning to create beautiful and truly unique cloths. His cloths reflect his creativity and passion and the truth is that more and more his cloths are beautiful and special, captivating even.

And this Lolly was one of those cases. I had the opportunity to test two cloths of this brand, the two exactly with the same characteristics, where the only difference was even the color (for the better, say in passing!). This green lettuce draws the attention of anyone and, although not of my favorite colors, I even found a certain joke to the color and I believe that in summer the color "shine" with the sunlight!

It's a thin, lightweight, easy-to-adjust cloth with a grip QB (slips a little, but nothing that makes us adjust too many times – which also facilitates more than one layer.). Though thin even carrying my little sinker does not feel that it hurts the shoulders, even after a walk. It's a moldable cloth that looks perfect for smaller babies. Despite the low weight is a cloth that does not yield as fast as one might think and that has actually a good support for toddlers. It has a good diagonal which facilitates its fit, but in heavier toddlers due to its low weight can cause some uncomfortable bounce.

Despite all this…. It was simply not a cloth that was recorded as memorable, perhaps because I experienced others who were marked as spectacular, perhaps by the color that is not the most captivated me… Although comfortable and easy to adjust simply did not stay in my top 5 cloths, although advise everyone to try and give their opinion, because as I started by referring… Each cloth is a cloth and each person has a specific taste, so try it! Try a lot and everything!

Ahmed Abubakar