Hello Kitty Flower Blue

EModelo: Hello Kitt
y composition: 100% organic Cotto
n Size: 5 (420x72cm) W
eight: 290 g/m2 co
lor: Black & Blue

Today, in Portugal, the anniversary of the Carnation Revolution is celebrated. A movement whose goal was to bring down the existing regime in order to promote social transformations in our country.  As a form of appreciation, the population went out to the streets to commemorate the end of the dictatorship of 48 years, and distributed blackheads, the national flower, to rebel soldiers, giving rise to the name "Carnation Revolution".

April 25th is Freedom Day. Freedom to decide for ourselves, freedom to express ourselves without being arrested or physically punished for it. Freedom to do what we want with the consequences that come from it.

This review was a real challenge, which would not be possible if in 1974, several military personnel had not joined and claimed for what they believed.

Inês and Dulce had this cloth for two weeks, one for each, where I had to try it and share with you what they thought of it.

Hatred Vs Love

My story with this cloth, begins with the return of another Kapualove cloth that we had the pleasure of receiving (see here). The brand was so happy with the feedback and spam received that asked me if I would not be interested in receiving a "Hello Kitty". I will tell you that at the time I thought twice in the answer (or were they more?). If on one hand, I would love to try another cloth of this brand, with another composition, I was sure it would be an existential struggle for me. You're probably wondering why, right?

Well… Let's say "Hello Kitty" is not my favorite doll (not to say worse, I stay here) and that's what I told the brand. But I decided that, as life is made of challenges, why not accept one more. I replied that they could send and I was waiting for it to arrive. When you arrived, Ooowwww… What a beautiful cloth, and where the hell is the "queer"? I confess that it was necessary to look carefully at the cloth to see more than flowers. A cloth in shades of blue and black, full of flowers, remembering the spring.

A cloth 100% organic cotton, with 290 g/m² of gramme, beautiful to wear, super comfortable and with good support. A rag that has come to me soft (attention that I was the first person of this trip), without needing great use to break and easy to adjust.

A rag I fell in love with, that makes me miss. Did Dulce have the same opinion as me? Come and find out!

Rakesh LAL

The Wild Side

This Hello Kitty has reached my hands with great expectation. It's not that I'm a big Hello Kitty fan because I'm not, either. I'm not a fan, but I don't hate cute kitty, either. The expectation was high because I had already tested the previous Kapualove, one of the best cloths I tested. Imagine my anxiety about having this rag in my hand.

And as soon as he arrived I noticed as soon as it wasn't too soft to touch. Your drawings give you a textured touch. It's not unpleasant, it just doesn't give you that feeling of warmth that I like so much on a rag. This roughness helps in adhering to the moorings. Do not let the cloth run away, nor let my toddler escape the moorings. It is a cloth that helps to make the moorings, that is, fixed well on the back of the baby and on the shoulders and does not descend or fall.

I had the opportunity to make some rides with this cloth, I tried various sizes (front, side and back) and sizes of single layer and multiple layers. In general, I liked the behavior of the cloth in the moorings. It was already broken, tolerates the knots and the various layers, but I did not find it very comfortable in the long walks we did. Even with sizes of several layers, which allow a better distribution of weight of the baby, at the end of the ride my shoulders were uncomfortable, I do not know whether by the roughness of the cloth, if by the medium support of the cloth or if by the fact of walking on downhill and ascendes by Hills and goat paths. This cloth had no life eased in any aspect 

We went sightseeing in the waterfalls of Montelavar in Sintra. For those who don't know the place, I recommend it. Notice that baby carts are not even allowed (because you can't pass if you want to be in certain places with the baby carriage and the paths are very bumpy). It is a very cute ride for those who like adventure, nature, walking and of course BABYWEARING!

And despite not having fallen in love with this cloth, although there is no place the most suitable cloth to explore rugged paths of dense vegetation, yet this cloth was ideal for this intense ride. The dark colors and the design with flowers offered the perfect camouflage, the weft closed but at the same time airy allowed a walk without heat or sweating and in the end I can always say that if it was not this cloth would not have been possible this ride.

Many adventures with babywearing for you!

Fernando Fernandes