Grasshopper Cotton Onbuhimo

Brand: Sou
lmodel: Grasshopper Cotton
composition: 100% cotto
n Panel: Width 45cm, height 46cm
color: Green & dark Blue

Hey, guys, so here I come to write you again. How have you been? Well we have here a toddler who does not want much lap, but still today took a rag and came to ask for "Olinho Mama", well it is those rare moments that I do not think twice and I roll it soon to me.

Well, today I come to you about an Onbuhimo of my dearest Soul. I started my review by talking about my precious toddler to introduce you to this baby door. It is recommended for infants who already have full control of the spine, head and know how to sit without any kind of support. An Onbu, as it is popularly called, is perfect for babies who are already walking, because even though they already walk, run, jump as is the case here at home, but they also tire very fast their small legs and ask for Colho, but at the same time recover with an Alu speed Caveat and soon want to descend. So this goes up and down he's pretty good.

Soul captivated me immensely for its vibrant colors, when we think of India we think soon in those beautiful and saturated colors, which mostly women use in their wonderful saris.

This onbu is made 100% cotton in a shade of gorgeous green, that green that jumps in sight, not because it is flourishing, but because it is a super saturated and rich color, there are still delicate leaves in a dark blue shade that perfectly match.

Soul Onbuhimo is a Japanese-inspired waist-less buckle carrier with Perfect Fit adjusters (PFAs) at the top of the handles.

It has a super cool touch, it is not soft nor rough, in fact to the touch almost reminds the flax for being thin and fresh. It has a very wide panel (45cm) which provides a good breadth of accent and a long durability. The panel level at height is also quite high (46cm) but is easily circumvented if the baby is lower and can increase its seat, is well reinforced and thus decreases the panel. One against him is the fact that it is not evolutionary, because being a small baby even though we can circumvent the question of the height of the panel cannot change its width and may lead to the effort of an opening between legs. In the region where the support of the knees is padded, which gives greater comfort to the baby. The straps have a small adjustment which makes it easy to make the baby taller on a back. Your handles in my opinion are too cushioned which ends up losing your mobility a little and makes me feel more tension in my shoulders.

An Onbu besides being perfect for toddler is also for those who carry one more in their belly, because as it has no belt nor any horizontal pass gets the entire abdominal region free.

Already asked if it is also possible to load with a Onbu ahead, yes everything is possible and to everything we can adapt, however he as does not have this lumbar support will force a locks of the shoulders which can provoke many pains to those who carries it , but in fact it's super possible and it's all a matter of comfort.

It also has a horizontal strip that serves to join the handles. Another detail that pleased me was his long "hood" for when they fall asleep we can with a certain ease pull and provide good support to the head of the sleeping baby.

For me an onbu is not the most comfortable way to carry for long periods, because even if it is not a very heavy baby I feel the need for the third point of support, the lumbar, by getting all the weight on the shoulders even all well adjusted and with my pirate well Peter I end up feeling his weight too much and I get very uncomfortable and with back pain. But of course as in every baby door each case is a case and this varies enormously from body to body.

Well I'm not going to lengthen, I leave you some very special and different pictures, because we went out for a walk, but someone got tired and didn't want the mother this time, and among many radical pranks came some cute things. I hope you enjoyed it and even the next people.

Kisses from me and my radical little brat.

Ana Ramos