Geo Wolf Mercury

Brand: Luluna Slin
gsmodel: Geo Wolf
composition: 100% Cott
on Size: 6
Gramm: 300 g/m2 co
lor: blue, black & Grey


I don't know what it's like at your house, but around here, keeping two kids all weekend is synonymous with madness. I always try to plan outdoor activities that involve park, nature or environment to explore, jump and play. It is a way for children to grow healthier, to stimulate coordination and motor development, to spend energy (a lot of preference!) and to be able to upload and take pictures with our traveling cloths. For this cloth, and given the theme of the Wolf, we chose to visit the garden of the Gulbenkian. This garden is wonderful! Many trees, very green, many falls of water and many animals to observe. Like the garden, this cloth is also wonderful!

The Wolf Mercury is a very interesting cloth, in shades of black and blue, with a few drops of gray. It's a very flashcloth, with its geometric, wolf-shaped designs!

At first touch is a robust cloth, with a weight of 300g/m2 you couldn't expect anything else. In fact this gramme offers a spectacular support to the toddler here, it may not be a very fluffy cloth but it is comfortable, fit well on the shoulders and offers comfort when carrying a heavy baby for long periods. For me it was one of those rags I thought "I needed one of these in my personal stash!". With the kid growing up, and with the pounds adding up, I only serve rags that offer me the right support.

It presents a very closed plot, which perhaps in a warmer environment could become unpleasant, which was not the case on this tour, and that gives it a high strength and durability. Perhaps by the conjugation between weft and gramme, this cloth has a diagonal medium/low, which hinders a finer adjustment in the moorings, but that is excellent for those quick moorings, type rucksack, where it does not leave the site and fixed to our shoulders. Due to this feature I do not recommend this cloth for newborns.

Although the cloth has already been used before me, it seems to me that you still need some attention. With a fixed medium/high grip, it slightly hinders the passage of several layers and although it does not come out of my shoulders, the knots had some difficulty in keeping themselves completely stable and firm during the charging process.

The rides with this cloth were many, but the pictures were few. I leave some to inspire you to use, to buy or just to test.

Good stuff for everyone!

Fernando Fernandes