Daniel Lam

o! My name is Ana Lemos, I am 34 years old and I was a mother to 33. I confess Q the 28th December was the best and most exciting day of my life.  I lost my father in 2010 with cancer, my paternal grandparents and in 2017 the worst of all, my mother. I never imagined going through so much. My mother was, and she's my soul mate. Metastatic bowel cancer was discovered in 2016. That year, me and my sister started a battle, along with my mother, we walked in consultations with alternative medicines, we made fasting, syrup made every day with Aloe Vera SAP, we did everything. They were undoubtedly the best things we could have done, because contrary to traditional medicine that did not expecter survival more than 3 months, we lived 10. It was that same year that I entered a deep depression that neither meditation nor mind training helped me. I believe that nothing happens by chance and it was undoubtedly the best and worst year of my life. Losing someone is always very painful, but let's say losing a half of you is atrocious. During that time I had the support of my friends and my companion and after two months of losing my mother I found out I was pregnant. I was too indifferent, nor I felt happy. I didn't know what I was going to be for this new life that was coming, but at the same time I thought it was a miracle, my salvation. A son would change my life forever. On April 7, 2017, I menstruated for the last time and on May 13th I confirmed my suspicion. I just had a notion and I felt true love when I felt Santiago messing with my tummy at 19 weeks. I cried for joy, I confess. The Times passed until I was scheduled a caesarean for 28 December. It was a perfect day. A blue in the sky and a typical winter sun. I was so quiet, I just wanted the day to pass fast. And so it was. At 11:45 am I heard the best cry in the world! A mixture of emotions that some word can describe. He was beautiful, too perfect. My son was the angel I needed in my life. It was that day that I felt that true love at that moment made sense.

The following hours were very difficult, breastfeeding very difficult, pain in the belly without end. I could only get up the next day and it cost me a lot, quite a lot. I was anxious to get out of the hospital and come home with my treasure. It's been days and I confess they were very difficult. A constant learning a whirlwind of emotions. I managed to get through it. Today, with a lot of love, BBW, therapy, meditation and knowing that I am the world for Santiago I feel like I'm a happy and complete woman. Before my baby was born, I bought a lot of things I thought were important to take care of him in the early days, including a Chicco marsupium. I used it three times if that much. But in conversation with a college friend, Ana Rodrigues got to know Babywearing method. BBW, who out of my ignorance, had never heard of. Ana gave me to know the advantages and wonders that had to carry our baby in a cozy way. He was telling me, among many other things, that his son intervene very much, was a child safe, autonomous and unshused. I started by making inquiries on the internet and reading testimonials from BBW practitioners. Previously, Ana had told me about a BBW consultant here near my area of residence. Unfortunately, we can never be together for her to introduce me to the different ways of loading and the options on the market. I have decided to buy a green cloth from MIMAR, even before I have really tried it! Maybe it was the best shopping I ever made. I used it every day to get out, go shopping, walk. Santiago never stragged, and in the early days he fell asleep in seconds, but with so much use and perhaps due to lack of proper maintenance on my part, the cloth was "Russian" from the sun and the worn elasticity. I chose to buy a Mei Tai. Practical, comfortable and super easy to use. I bought it secondhand and simply AMO. I can tell you the best thing I've ever done and do is carry my baby like this. I have full freedom of movement, I can go everywhere, and the most important thing is that the baby loves it.

I have to thank Ana Rodrigues because she was the woman who made me know this world of BBW. Daniel Lam