City Dreamland

Brand: Marthat Sling
smodel: City Dreamland
Composition: 70% organic cotton + 30% tussah Si
lk Size: 6
Gramm: 310 g/m2 co
lor: pink & Light Grey

Today I come to you about the most girly rag I've ever had. This cloth-shaped cloud has been for some time in my shopping cart to be bought. However, whenever I went ahead with the purchase hesitated, already had so many cloths with silk… One day, when I decided it was the day to finally have him, the rascal had exhausted… Lucky me! I confess that the cloth quickly came out of my head and I was not so sad that I did not buy it, as I thought it would be.

It's not that one morning, when I wake up and get on the phone there it is: on sale in my feed and on top with little chicken?! Once again I've been harassed by the "I want, but I don't need" dilemma and this beautiful marthat City Dreamland turned out to be mine.

Ana Marthis is the creator of this wonderful brand. She dreamed of love, friendship, a life in peace and a job that filled her in and gave her satisfaction. His dream came true and the brand Marso was born. She is the wife and mother of two children and her need to bring them physically close has made her learn about the true magic of the baby carriers. Ana succeeded in transforming mother's love into rags to carry our babies.

The Dreamland City consists of 70% organic cotton and 30% Tussah silk, with nubs that stand out as I like. It's a very soft cloth to the touch. It has 310 g/m2 But it is a light cloth in hand, nothing robust and even an option for newborns. It is a cloudweave cloth, which gives it a spectacular support for toodlers, a true cloud on the shoulders up to one-tier sizes and when we load for a significant period of time. Its composition gives you some bounce, but there is no need to adjust regularly, even with a leaner as is my daughter's case. The Dreamland city has quite diagonal and is of a very easy fit.

This little piece of cotton candy has a very feminine palette of colors. On one side is pink with light gray accents and the other side gray with pink accents. This pattern, as the name implies, presents small squares lined up to imitate the skyscrapers of a city. The fringes at the tip give it a boho touch that coupled with these delicate colors make it a cloth with a perfect design.

I knew a marthat wouldn't disappoint me, but I never thought I'd fall in love that much. I strongly advise you to explore the wonders of this brand, have fantastic patterns and blends.

John Chia