The Pink Breeze

Brand: Madal
omodel: Pink Breeze
Composition: 100% Cotto
n Size: 6 G
ramm: 350 g/m2 col
or: Water-Green & Pink


Here I am once again to introduce you to a rag. A rag that unlike the previous ones, did not steal my heart…

I'm talking about a Madalo, the Madalo Brisa Rosa, a Mexican-made Handwoven in pastel shades of pink and green with a good 350g/m2 with the weft two eyes diamond twill and 100% cotton.

The brand has a owner in Mexico (Yuridia) and Christoph in Germany. Together they decided to manufacture the rags in Mexico and bring them to Europe. All materials used are OEKO-TEX® 100 certified and are handcrafted with love and passion by Babywearing.

It is a cloth with an excellent holder, able to contain a toddler in full tantrum as it shoots backwards with all the strength and so soft that it is able to fall asleep 12 kg of girl at the front with a one-shoulder size. It has plenty of grip, little diagonal, super comfortable, but a little hot for the summer (since it looks like a cuddly blanket).

With soft colors like the touch of the fabric itself, they remind a painting any of a famous author, but unfortunately I did not fall in love with him, always seemed to miss something… I don't even know what it is.

It is one of those cloths that would always fetch to go shopping or simply to go for a walk in Lisbon, but never satisfied me. Always left me a want more…

Perhaps the problem has been for having found a cloth almost perfect, now it seems that nothing reaches the "heels".

Michelle Garcia