Artipoppe-Supernova Champagne

Brand: Artipoppe
Modelo: Supernova
composition: 70% Cotton, 30% Linho
graming: 190 g/m2T
amanho: 6C
olor: Champagne & Raw

I've come to speak to you once more of Artipoppe. 

No doubt one of my favorite cloths. Not only by the owner's own concern for seeking only certified products, with the search for the protection of the planet, but also by the passion for the people she transmits so well. I'm not going to mention the history of this brand again, since you already know it from my previous review (here).

When I saw this boy in the Dips group I immediately asked the owner if I had to go to Dips, because I fell in love with him immediately… I had no idea what flax was and whether such a low weight could be comfortable for me or not, but it reminded me immediately of the hot summer evenings, those wonderful stars in Champagne color.

This boy is a low weight 6 size with only 190 GSM. It's a gleaming cloth that shines in the sunlight. Extremely sturdy and easy to use. It is especially fabulous with small babies and in more layers with larger babies. It's super cool and great for the warm weather. 
It has 30% linen and 70% cotton, fine in hand, dry touch, absolutely nothing rough and with a wonderful linen noobs. It has a brutal support, nor does it look like it has so little GSM, has diagonal and bounce Q. B (not forgetting that it has flax) but has little grip (which joining a few rings resolves).

How to explain how you feel about this animal… You see the summer breeze that snuggle the body in a hug and feel protected as if they were in the most tranquil place in the world? It's what I feel when I use it… I feel serene, full of life and guarded by everything. And it is the feeling I hope to pass on to my daughter, the one that will be forever safe and quiet near me. The touch reminds the naked skin, the tender embrace… It's the light of my eyes…

Michelle Garcia