Artipoppe-Argus Kingston

Brand: Artipopp
eModelo: Argu
stsize: 5
Gramagem: 300g/m2
Composição: 70% Cotton & gt;30% Cano
cor: Fushia & Lilac

When I started my journey in this world that is Babywearing I've always been curious about this brand. I don't know whether by the owner's own irreverence or by my most rebellious vein. The truth is that when I saw a cloth with linen for sale (beautiful that hurts… Later I show:)) I put it in my head that I would have to… And so began my passion for the rags of Artipoppe.

The brand Artipoppe was born by the hands of Anna van den Bogert after the birth of her second child. She wanted to change not only her life but also that of many women scattered around the world. Knowing that motherhood is very demanding, Anna founded the brand to unite women who feel exhausted and isolated so that they feel inspired to follow their own instincts and accept their imperfections. 

A "loader" Artipoppe is a way to demonstrate self-confidence, to feel beautiful and to demonstrate to the world that we care not only for the welfare of our baby, but also of the world, since they work only with certified producers who work with and To nature instead of destroying it. 

Its products are produced in Lithuania and are reviewed and finished in Holland.

This cloth came in my search for a cloth with fresh raw material, itself for summer… They ask why in the middle of winter I decided to go looking? Because my little girl has a small problem, not only with the overheating of the planet, but more importantly with her overheating, since she makes febrile convulsions, hence my search.

This cloth was a complete surprise because I had never tried hemp. Hemp surprises by the positive, since it has thermoregulating properties, which becomes quite comfortable to use. This cloth came to my hands a little tough, but with only 2 uses it was already noticed quite a difference and it becomes like that butter.

It is a cloth, of beautiful fushia and lilac tones and an elegant design that recalls the feathers of the peacocks, but that has irregularities of the fabric that mistakenly can be confused with defects.

It is easycare but you have to be careful not to be long stopped because it can create creases in the tissue (permacrease). It is a fully toddlerproof cloth, which (in my experience) is not suitable for smaller babies. It has excellent support, they hold well 3h without the shoulders complain. Although it takes some time to adjust, after well adjusted does not move 1 cm. It's a cloth with a hard touch but it's not at all rough.

Michelle Garcia