Zensling Runic

Brand: Mamar
ugaModelo: Zensling
Runic Composition: 100% combed
cotton size: from birth (3kg) up to 20kg (approx, or fail to make knee to knee support) colo
r: Blue Denim & Cru

Hey, guys, how you doing? So this week I come to talk to you about my beloved Zensling from Mamaruga. This review has a special taste, as it will be made to four hands, I'll have Daddy's help from home to do it.

Well now you must ask yourselves, but why the hell is the father going to the noise of reviews? So he doesn't come here to talk about rags, blends and gramme, he just comes to tell you what it means to carry it.

This world of babywearing and not only, is always very directed to women and very honestly I do not think this is right because men also carry, also take care of the children, play, educate, change the diaper, or just the part of breastfeeding is that they can not but Nevertheless they are a fundamental part of the process. So I ask you why we never talk about the carrying parents? Do they not deserve also a little of our affection and attention?! Of course they do, they just don't get over because we complicate things with so many models, colors, blends, gramme and all this endless world and they like to keep it simple and honestly do not disagree.

Well this backpack came to me at a crucial moment, because Leo was already great for the other and we were in the testing phase to acquire a new one. She came to me through a trip that Ana Rita Oliveira organized, and when we experienced we loved it very first. It is a conversion of a cloth that is not the hardness of the other tissues but the malleability of a cloth which for me was brutal. It has two height adjustment buckles and a wide adjustable panel which makes it super scalable. The brand suggests its use from birth (3kg) until it does support knee to knee (about 20kg). In this question for us it will never reach that weight because now the Léo with 19 months, 11kg and 83cm the opening of the panel is already on the limit so I do not think it lasts so much, but last 19/20 months is great.

The backpack cloth is 100% combed cotton which gives it a very good softness. The belt has no panel, i.e. it is a woven belt also like the entire backpack where the back panel passes. Sometimes this may not be the most comfortable by the question that it does not retain the format and can bother a little, and also the issue of regulating the aperture of the panel in width has nothing to hold him what for kids scrambled like mine when they give them that crisis and s And stretching means getting almost hung by the genitals, although it's very simple to reverse the situation but it's a factor that bothers me a little.

The straps are also in fabric which confers the confrote on the shoulders of a cloth, that is, do not feel all that cushioned that sometimes bothers. She enchanted me and made me end up buying for the question that unites the comfort of a cloth with the practicality of a backpack, besides that the Léo when we had it this week slept in it and this for me was a decisive factor because it meant that he was super comfy L.

At the beginning of the review I said that the father would come here to talk too, but as I tell you they really like to make it simple, I asked him to write me about what it is so he can carry the child, this was the answer: "Babywearing is comfort and trust. I can go out, do any activity and make sure my son is safe: in my arms. It's freedom and affection. Have your hands free, feel the warmth and warm up. It's practicality. I can photograph what I see and show the world to my son. "

Do you really think you need to prolong more? I don't think so, either.

With this I leave You, a merry Christmas to tod @ s and never forget the main of all love, spread a lot of love because it one day comes back all to us.

My little hacker Boy and Eduardo, until next time.

Ana Ramos