Yaro Elegantia Moonbow

The trip began last January/18th and ended in the month of May/18.


Brand: Yaro Slin
gsmodel: Elegantia Moonb
ow composition: 100% Cot
ton Weight: 270 g/
m² recommended Age: From the Birth
: Rainbow Edit
ion: Limited edition (exclusive group "Yaro Lovers Italia") P
rice: Sold OUT


Ana Monteiro: Being the first of a trip always seems a little ungrateful. We'll be the one to face the "beast" in its raw state, we'll get a new rag for breaking. The surprise started just the moment I took it out of the bag. Beautiful, vibrant colors, much prettier than any photo I've ever seen. Yes, I was very tough, but at the same time, you let yourself be used in a very generous way. Whether with postage ahead in FWCC or on the back in rucksack, this rascal provided an incredible support, which only made sweat at the time of the knot. We were not gentle, we passed it through hoops, by slipknots, we used it and we abused it. And after a week we've noticed a lot of difference. I wonder how soft it will be when it breaks completely. It was a very pleasant experience, which made us even more willing to acquire a short cloth for the day-to-d
ay. Filipa Almeida: Yaro, my first traveler. In photo I never died of love, but live is beautiful. Still Rijo, but with good support. We love the little trip with Yaro. Tân
ia Sousa: We had the pleasure of experiencing the Yaro Elegantia Moonbow. I admit Q was not a cloth Q Captivat me in the distance, in the photos… But when I had it in my hand, I could see its true beauty. A slightly harder cloth than Q we have already experienced but we think it gives very good support and easy adjustment. We thank Inês for having included us on this trip and we can have the experience of another littl
e one. Sofia Pimenta: This beautiful cloth came home at a time of viruses. I'm not a fan of hanging out with the sick cub, entraped into a traveling rag, so I didn't give it to big laps. I thought it was a little tough, but I'm a fan of herringbone cloths so I'm suspicious. But the colors… Ai the colors… It is automatically passionate as soon as you remove the cloth from what surrounds it. The photos do not do it justice and the will that gives is to make multiple sizes to show the different colors that the cloth makes shine.  He followed the trip and left the pet to try out short cloths and who knows, acquire a T4. Marta Mart
ins: I loved the doily colors are my face and the pattern is very beautiful even I need a 4! I found it very robust, not very easy to give the knot, but comfortable I don't have much experience, but I love the texture! Débor
a Santos: The Yaro of Inês was the first cloth of the brand that we experienced, so curiosity was immense and did not disappoint. It has delicious colors, a soft touch but it is full of bustes and has some colors of falling in love. It was a wonderful experience to test this beautiful limited edition specimen. Mil
ene Pereira: Although beautiful, this cloth does not have the colors/pattern that I would usually buy, however it was a pleasant surprise. The colors are equally beautiful on both sides and the best part is that it has already broken me! It is a malleable cloth, easy to entrapar, with Grip Q. B and comfortable on the shoulders. The Yaro Elegantia Moonbow (100% cotton and 270gsm) was an exclusive cloth of the group Yaro Lovers Italia and therefore little commercialized, which in my opinion is a pity, because a rag with excellent quality/price ratio. Thank you #funtasticmom for the opportunity.
Matilde Cosme (daughter of Tania Madeira): Here the mana carries! Hi, I'm Matilde and I'm 12 years old… No, I'm not the mother but I'm MANA love my little sister and how love carry and carry is love always with my boys glued to me! The Yaro Elegantia Moonbow was our first traveling rag, a secret, mom whenever she wore a cloth gave up "ah I get all bored!", so we were more team backpack and the cloths was not part of our life. But Yaro came to show that yes, that we did, that love in carrying gets everything "Yupi mommy managed to get tome!" This cloth is beautiful and cuddly and was already very broken and I loved to use and abuse it.. And the colors??? The beautiful colors, warm, bright and strong are equal to my love for my little maninhos.. Love is experience.. Thank you Funtastic Mom
. Liliana Ferreira: Yaro Elegancia Moonbow, a colorful cloth that in the photos did not captivates me, but live has beautiful and luminous colors! A cloth with good support and easy mooring, a T4 perfect for fast rucks in hasty mornings.