V3 Half Wrap Burgundivine Conversion

Brand: Isa
raModelo: V3 Half Wrap Conversion Burgun
dy: 100% Organic Cotton (GOTS certificate) Size: T
oddler, from 8/9kg to 20Kgpanel: W
idth from 26 cm to 38cm, height from 31cm to 45cm
color: Burgundy (red tone with a small portion of Purple) and Black

Well, I don't really know where to start, this is my first review so be nice in the reviews please.

Well come on, we enter the world of babywearing without much knowledge, or to tell the truth. When we started to use it soon I realized that the backpacks were my wave and continue to be. From the very beginning I like backpacks because I find them much more practical for the rush of day to day and for restless babies as is my case. We had a period we thought this world would end for us because the kid started walking and didn't want to know how to walk "tied up" but it was just a phase to our joy.

A few weeks ago we received the backpack from Isara, had already tried one of the brand, but it was not conversion like this.

First of all, we love it because it's conversion. First of all, let me explain what conversion is, when you take a rag and convert it into something else, in a backpack. The panel is made with the fabric of a broken twill from Colimacon & Cie. Spun in Portugal, woven and ecologically dyed in France. This fabric is perfect for a conversion, thick enough to be favorable, but thin enough to be soft and cozy.

I'm a fan of backpacks I assume, but this is sensational, for me the backpacks that are made of conversion are the best, because they combine the practicality of a backpack with the comfort of the cloth and someone there will want something better?!

I have a toddler! My little hacker boy measures about 80cm and weighs about 11kg and the backpack looks great on it, we use both front and back. The only question when using in front is the adjustment that is reversed and it is difficult to adjust the handles, but apart from this everything else is great. We walked a lot with her, went to concerts, parties and she at no time became uncomfortable for any of us. However had already experienced an Isara at another time, but with a small baby, was about 5 months and just over 7kg and to my amazement was great too.

It is an evolutionary backpack, recommended that it be used after the baby knows how to sit alone, for an ergonomic and health matter for the baby. The Isara backpacks that I had both were of the same size and with babies of so different sizes I realized how evolutionary it can be, from the adjustment between legs that is very simple, to the adjustment of the panel at height that is made through two buckles that with the correct adjustment if Adapt perfectly to different baby bodies. Her belt is hard, but it's not too thick which allows for good support and comfort in the lumbar. It also has the ease of leveling in height, the buckle that joins the two handles horizontally and allows it not to be "strangled" by the same. The straps are cushioned and extremely comfortable, but always have to close the horizontal buckle so that they do not slip and thus be more comfortable and safe for the baby and the charger.

Another point to the backpack is the fact that the fabric is super breathable so even with a lot of heat, we don't run out of sweat both.

I hope you're still awake at the end of my long review and that you've been curious, because it's really worth it. We love the
experience with the backpack and recommend it without a doubt.

I hope you enjoyed it soon I will be here with another review for you.
Kisses from me and my little piratinha.

Ana Ramos