Twister "Friends"

Brand: Kapualov
eModelo: Twiste
rcomposition: 79% organic cotton, 10% flax and 11% Tence
l tested Size: 6 (470 x 72 cm) G
ramagem: 320 g/m2C
or: white and lilac


Friends are the family that the heart chooses… Are who is present when we need… They are the ones who help us to double the joys and divide the sorrows. 
Friends is what so many of us have become by sharing and eternalizing the moments experienced in motherhood and in this passion for babywearing.

One of the features of Kapualove is to assign song names to the cloths they produce. This time the responsibility of this task was attributed to the group that was going to test this cloth. After many choices, we selected some and presented to Daniel, one of the brand's representatives. The music Friends of Marshmello & Anne-Marie was the perfect choice for the name of this cloth that spread love and charm for so many colhos.

As friendships are made of details, Kapualove is a brand that is thought of as the smallest detail. Manufactures limited editions of cloths of a beautiful and exclusive design, produced with carefully selected yarns and produced in a certified organic production process (GOTS/OEKO-TEX). The cloths are machined but are carefully finished by hand in a traditional family-weaving company in Germany. It was in this s
pirit of demonstration of this love and this delivery on every cloth that made me surrender to this Friends.

The composition of this cloth, 79% organic cotton, 10% flax and 11% Tencel, makes it a very robust cloth. Suitable for all babys, it is soft enough to entrapar a newborn and has an incredible support for a toddler. It is
a thick cloth, without being too hot, which gives a bulky knots but makes some fantastic finishes with a few rings. It has some texture that gives you enough grip without holding the second pass. It's soft, fluffy and smooth as if it was a sweet cotton cloud. It has a
diagonal of making envy with a perfect bounce, which make it the most comfortable cloth on the shoulders I have ever experienced.

It presents a very beautiful pattern, geometrically designed that reminds me of those cartoons that give at night on Baby Tv that of so many optical effects fall asleep faster to us than to our babies.

It is a beautiful cloth but its very clear shades call more the days of spring/summer than the darkest and rainy days that increase the probability of dirty a cloth so clear.

To conclude I can tell you that I was delighted with this cotton cloud so gentle that it envelops us in a long embrace when we carry. There are rags so they snatch our hearts with the quality and passion they are made of.

On this trip we launched the challenge of sharing some photographs to carry with this cloth in our region… Come and meet us a little bit from the castle of Óbidos.

Sanjay Saxena