Tullipe Klaire Blue

Brand: Monami Slin
gsmodel: Tullipe Klaire Bl
ue composition: 100% combed Cot
ton Size:
6 Gramm: 270 g/m2 (pre-wash) c
olor: Blue & dark Blue

In the babywearing is a recurring phrase, "Babywearing is not just rags!".

Babywearing is not only cloths and it is not only lap, it is also a way of being in life, a group of belonging, where we recognize ourselves in others and where we grow to see what others do and listen to what they believe. Babywearing is feeling accompanied by something as lonely as our motherhood.

How many of us don't feel we're incapable of taking any more? How many of us didn't we wanted to escape so I could just be alone or get some sleep? Nobody? Motherhood is a place full of challenges, where we meet and remain until the end of our lives, so it is always good when on this path we find people who share our values and beliefs, who are with us when we ask, who give us the hand When we fall and who knows, they will give us even lap in the darkest heights of our motherhood. 

It is in this spirit of sharing and generosity that this cloth came to me, the Tullipe Klaire Blue. I was kindly assigned by a fantastic woman who admire the heart, Rosa Gonçalves. Know? She is a babywearing consultant and mentor of the project at the baby's Colinho. Great defender of a quieter maternity with the use of babywearing. I invite you to visit her page.

The Tullipe Klaire Blue is a blue-toned cloth produced by Monami Slings, a Polish company dedicated to the production of unique and original chargers, of limited editions. The cotton used in the Chargers is certified by Oeko Tex Standard 100 and all chargers are created and sold with the motto: "Do what you do, do it with your heart", and this is not the best place to look for answers to our doubts? 

Well the cloth, what can we say of the cloth… Many things… Want to know?!

Its composition is 100% cotton high quality, in jaquard weaving. Within the most striking characteristics of the fabrics in Jacquard is a greater durability of the fabric due to the more complex plait of cotton threads by the fabric, another feature is the possibility of multiple configurations of the wires that drive the cloths With fantastic patterns.

In the case of Tullipe Klaire Blue It is easy to understand the pattern behind it, the tulips. Although the colors used are of a cooler pallet that tend to refer us to a state of greater relaxation, when looking at this cloth I think of Holland and its fields of tulips. And if I was ever happy in Holland.

Still with regard to the cloth, it has an easy mooring, perhaps because it is already broken, with an average grip. It's also a medium-thick cloth. Its use on long journeys was not very comfortable for me, with the big guy here, but it seems to me that in a smaller baby, and I tested with my demo dummy, (I know it's not the same thing) is a very comfortable alternative. In the different moorings that I tested had good behaviour, good grip and a bounce enough to make the moorings comfortable.

In general I enjoyed the opportunity to test this cloth, accompanied me in some of the jokes with my cubs and this is always good memories that any cloth leaves us and that scores our motherhood with a sincere smile on the lips. After all babywearing is not just rags, it is also friendship and emotion.

Fernando Fernandes