Svit Sally

Brand: Kenhuru Sli
ngmodel: Svit Sal
lycomposition: 80% combed cotton, 20% Tussah si
lk size: 5
Gramm:235 g/m2 col
or: black & Pink

When I started in the world of Babywearing it never crossed my mind that it would be so vast. I thought there were half a dozen brands that produced rags, slings of hoops and backpacks and nothing else. I couldn't be more wrong. The world of Babywearing is literally a WORLD… There are lots of brands that produce the most diverse baby carriers, with almost all the patterns we can dream of or wish for.

Today we see you get to know the Kenhuru Sling.

Kenhuru Sling is a Polish company, which was born from the desire of its creator to have cloths with a geometric design.

The Kenhuru Sling does not degrade the quality of its cloths, which are thoughtfully thought to be strong but smooth at the same time, and all its fabrics are certified by OEKO TEX-100 or AZO FREE Declaration. 

This is the first cloth we experience in this brand (we hope it is not the last:P). It is a cloth with 80% of combed cotton and 20% of Tussah silk and with a weight of 235 g/m2.

We had never experienced any silk cloth, and then we decided to explore the matter a little more and realize what kind of silk this is and what its characteristics are.

Silk is a natural fibre produced by the caterpillars of the butterflies. One of the types of silk used in rags is Tussah. Tussah silk or wild silk is produced from oak silk moth cocoons. This is a little irregular silk, which gives it a special charm.

Silk is one of the strongest natural fibers. The cloths with silk are suitable either for the warm weather or for cold. The silk absorbs both moisture and keeps the hot air circulating close to the skin.

When I first touched it, I confess I loved it, it has a wonderful touch, super soft and silky. It is a cloth that leaves itself very well, does not need much use to show itself at its maximum potential, is soft (that makes you want to wrap us in it), very malleable and easy to adjust. However, it is a cloth with little grip, that is, it is somewhat slippery. Every time I used it I always had to readjust at the end of a while. Unfortunately I could not test it in sizes with several layers, but in conversation with Dulce who has also tested it can confirm that also in sizes of 2 layers does not behave as it would be expected. So I think you should behave better with smaller babies than with bigger babies.

But one of the features you like most in this cloth is the fact that it is 1 2 in one, or as it has two distinct faces we can say that we have two cloths instead of just one.

To show you the beauty of this cloth, that the tone level is one of my favorites #teampink let you know a little of my garden, the enchanted World my children, where all their pranks become reality and where they are truly happy.

Rakesh LAL