Rosette Blue Jeans

Brand: Miloves Sling
smodel: Rosette Blue Jeans
composition: 100% Cotton
Size: T4 We
ight: 280 g/m2 col
or: blue and white
produced in: Scotland


My name is Blue Jeans and I'm part of the big Miloves Rosette family.

I was raised on a very beautiful island called Scotland by our moms. Mommies are wonderful people, have joined in accordance with the O-Tex Standard, create safe and special baby carriers to unite all mothers to their babies.

As I said I am Blue, I am a size 4, 100% soft and fluffy cotton, of the softer that can be imagined almost reaches the heels of the silk cousin.

Some time ago I came to spend some mini vacation at the Santos family's house. I think they really liked me. They used me many times on this vacation and they could see how besides soft, I am strong and I have good support and do not hurt-hurts on the shoulders. I am an excellent hug, warm and soft for an excellent basket after lunch.

But not everything was wonderful and I made a boo-boo that had to be repaired. In these days I was treated with great care and affection but I was not easy, my weaving is complicated, two almost individual plots that intersect superbly in a cloud of white and blue polka dots ending in a beautiful pattern that reminds the sky Starring.

With care and love, my boo-boo was repaired and I was able to embrace baby Alphonsus and many other babies after this week.

Mohamed Salah