P4 Daicaling Standard

Brand: Ling Ling D'amo
urmodel: P4 Daicali
ngcomposition: Organic Cott
on Size: Standard, from 6kg up to 18kg (approx) Col
or: Titanium

Hey, guys, how you doing? So today I come to tell you about the backpack P4 of Ling Ling d'amour.

This backpack has come to generate some controversy here at home, I will tell you what happened. The backpack arrived and so we look at it we see that it is simple, that the adjustments are easy, the colors are neutral, which for my taste I see no problem even because so a person does not get sick and she falls well with any outfit.

At the level of features the backpack has a hard belt, incidentally in my opinion too hard what turns out to be super uncomfortable for cute people like me and with a few leads to make weight. So this is where the "discussion" starts, the belt bothered me and I really wanted to see the backpack in another body and a small baby since according to the brand it is evolutionary and goes from 6kg up to 18kg approximately. So Ana goes in search of a smaller baby and there I was fortunate to find a sweetheart who wanted to put up with me. 

Adriana came here one day in the afternoon gently with her 2-month-old princess and tried the backpack, guess what happened? It just got perfect. Adriana is a slender figure who doesn't look a bit like she just gave birth, used her backpack with the princess and dropped her like a glove.

When I see people questioning whether this brand is better than that, or suggesting X Y Z, this is very relative, especially when it comes to backpacks. Each body is a body and what becomes a person does not mean that it will be good for the other. This backpack was an example of this, I did not like it, I did not feel comfortable with it because the belt hurt me, however Adriana loved it and it was not just her, my Mari also experienced and liked.

When it comes to the structure, the backpack has a relatively malleable fabric, the straps are very cushioned which confers a good comfort on the shoulders. It is adjustable in height and width through laces. In this respect I think that what holds the cords in the height adjustment of the panel are not sufficiently firm because with a slight tug the panel opens easily without moving there.

One of the qualities I liked about the belt was the three-pointed buckle, which gives it a lot of safety. The handles do not have buckles, they are fixed, does not allow when using with the baby in front we can cross the handles on the back and always have to be used in parallel. Another interesting point for an evolutionary backpack is that besides being able to adjust the panel in width, the belt also adjusts, that is, for people very thin The belt is easily adjustable to your body. Finally, I think the quality/price ratio of the backpack is good, as it is a backpack with an affordable value.

So I say goodbye and await you in a next review, kisses from me and my Piratinha.

Ana Rodrigues

(PHOTOS: Eduardo Ramos-https://www.facebook.com/eduardoramosmultimidia/)