Navis Baby Ahoy

Brand: Loktu Sh
eModelo: Nav
iscomposition: 100% Cot
ton Size: 6
gramm:330g/m2 Co
lor: White & Blue

The time I found out I'm effectively addicted to rags…

I was already suspicious that I had a serious addition to rags or boots in general, not to have several cloths at the front door, but with this cloth I had confirmation.

Who reviews the story that "I'm only going to buy a rag because I only have one baby to carry?" Who never said "there are some crazy people out there who have a lot of rags. Creed! How do they use everyone? " Yes, I've been one of those people, and now I'm completely converted.

The opportunity to participate in this project of the Travellers Cloths, at the invitation of Inês Rocha, allows me to know several brands and baby carriers, which helps me to consciously advise the families I follow through my page of Quero Colo. Allied to that feeds my passion (and an addiction) by this enchanted world of babywearing. Perhaps a next project is the opening of a support group to addicts in Babywearing 

Why do I say I got the confirmation that I'm addicted? Because I found this cloth a delight.

It's a rag that reminds us of the sea, the beach, basically the summer. It would have been wonderful to use it on the high seas but unfortunately it was not possible but would have given some fantastic photos. I was delighted by the way the cloth is made, with small openings in the weft that make it airy enough to use on warmer days. It is as if everything is thought out in detail to leave a fresh, comfortable and appealing cloth for sea or seaside walks. The fact that it is 100% cotton also gives a good absorption capacity of moisture and sweating. It is a soft cloth to the touch, but also in use.

In the moorings had excellent performance, adheres well and does not slip with prolonged use. It has an average diagonal, which makes it easy to adjust. It is cute, but not too much and does not hurt the shoulders even loading 20kg on the back (we have situations like this in the house). The only less positive point of this cloth is to be in light tones, which makes the small stains of dirt facies to see, however are these clear colors and the drawings of the boats that bring freshness to the cloth.

It's an easy cloth to like. I would say that ideal for use in heavier babies, given the weight and the way the cloth was made, like a wave that swings and soothes on a hot summer day. An excellent opportunity to prove that charging can be comfortable at any time, on hot or cold days. And in the genesis of this fantastic cloth is the Loktu She.

Loktu She is a Czech Republic company that has been dedicated to the production of children's textiles, including babywearing cloths, since 2016. They are a set of 4 inspiring women, Anička Kšírová, Aneta Chramostová, Bára Šolková and Lenka Austová, who joined with the intention of perpetuating the affectionate form as babies were carried by grandparents, on cloth or in arms. They use Czech products and take into account the ecological footprint in the production of chargers. In the background this cloth reminds us of the need to preserve our seas, something that we must also worry about given the alarming information we have had.

What about you guys that charger use on warmer days? What do you prefer? Tell me everything.

Fernando Fernandes