Naomi Snugly

Brand: Minak
omodel: Naomi Snugly
Composition: 42% Egyptian cotton, 37% silk Tussah, 13% mulberry Silk, 8% baby Came
l Size: 6 G
ramgem: 308 g/m2 C
olor: pink and brown

A while ago I put a rag that had little use in the House for Exchange on a Facebook group of Babywearing International. There was a lady who offered to change a rag I fell in love with from the beginning. The exchange did not come soon, since the lady was on vacation and we were to talk again as soon as she came back. I walked about a week super anxious, until I finally get a message from that lady. Unfortunately, the lady had given up the exchange. However, he said he did not mind selling it for a price that is minimally in account… Therefore, once again I could not resist this temptation to buy another cloth.

The Minako brand is of Russian origin and its goal is to make babywearing an unforgettable experience. The word "Minako" means "beautiful child" in Japanese.

The rag I'm going to talk about is the Naomi Snugly model and it's the first cloth I've been experimenting with.

As the name implies is a super comfortable cloth that gives that hug strong and cozy. I chose to debut it on the day of my daughter's first birthday, so it will always be special. It is a cloth with a touch and different appearance, perhaps due to its composition: 42% cotton, 37% tussah Silk, 13% mulberry Silk, 8% baby camel. To the touch feel the nubs of silk, yet it is quite nice and gives you a softness Q.B. Looking closer we can see that it is not a smooth cloth and that has a tight weave. The nubs of silk, small hairs and ribbing are perfectly seen, giving this cloth a spectacular touch.

The design is appealing and reminds me of a kind of feathers of an exotic bird. It has delicate colors and bright reflections: a pink, brown and black intertwined, which give this cloth an exotic color, very feminine and well achieved. Both the "right" and "wrong" side have the same color and pattern.

It has 308 g/m2 But it is not a thick cloth, which facilitates adjustments and moorings. However, I do not think it is a cloth suitable for newborns, but ideal for bigger babies.

It has a very good support and a good grip, due to its texture and holds well sizes of a layer, after adjusting did not move nor 1cm. It doesn't have much diagonal, but what it has is enough to fit in condition. I walked about two hours with him and at some point I felt uncomfortable. It does not creat on the shoulders nor does it feel the weight of the child. My daughter also seems to have liked it a lot, because not five minutes after being on the rag fell asleep.

I only have good things to say about this rag! However, I know that the aspect may not appeal to some people, because it does not look like a "brand new" cloth due to the nubs of silk. This cloth sharpened my curiosity to try out other brand cloths.

John Chia