Mei Tai Stormy Cube

Brand: Little Fro
gmodel: Stormy Cub
ecomposition: 100% Cot
ton Measu
res: Panel height (with belt included) min 25cm and
max 56cm Panel width min 16cm and ma
x of 38cm belt
– 10 cm handles-8cm wide in the area with padding and about 1.80 length co
lor: Black & Graphite & Turquoise & Light Grey

Babywearing Conversions

Conversions!?!?! What the hell is that? Do I really want to convert a rag? Why would I do that?

Let's go by parts… A conversion relates to the transformation of a cloth (certificate and use of babywearing) into a structured loader. It can be a backpack, Onbuhimo or Mei Tai, but can also be converted into ring sling, if that is the preference of those who ask for the conversion.

But why would I convert that rag I like so much?

The reasons can be diverse and vary from family to family. It may be because they prefer to load with another type of charger other than the cloth itself, it may be because the characteristics of the cloth make it more suitable for a structured loader and not to use on a mooring, it may be because they want to reuse the cloth that has Another charger or it may just be because yes!

The great advantage of conversions is, in fact, with the reuse of a cloth suitable for babywearing associated with a customization. We can customize the size of the panel, choose the type of belt or straps and its length, which fill most we like (very or little), we can customize the charger with different kinds of fabric or in the greater of the follies, make all kind of Accessories to make Pandam with the charger (say there that do not like that key door or that door scraps coins?!).

When we choose to make a conversion we must pay attention to those who make our conversion. Do you have experience? Do you have good feedback from other users? What other conversions have you done? We don't want our wonderful cloth to be damaged in the hands of others. So be careful when you ask your grandparents in the house to convert rags. Do you have so much experience dealing with this kind of fabric? Do they know what care they should have to keep the cloth stable and safe over time? We want our babies safe! And for that we need extremely safe chargers!

Some mothers in love with babywearing have devoted themselves to the conversion of cloths in Portugal. They can search for brands like the laden of love, when I am born, Mama nature and the Sling's baby door (I don't know if there are all the Portuguese brands, if they do not have to add in the comments to use in future references)

The porter I'm going to talk to you today is a conversion of Sling's baby door. A backpack-belted Mei Tai, converted from a Little Frog rag, the Stormy Cube.

First of all I have to say… Adoroooooooooo these colors! This turquoise blue that some call green water, is simply Ma-ra-vi-i-so! Conjugated with the gray, which is that color that gives with everything. The fact that it has geometric motifs also makes it a porter that gives the ladies the use and feel fantastic and for you to use without feeling their masculinity questioned (as if some kind of color could do that, are not men?)

The fabric is thin and soft, I would say it would make the use more comfortable in less heavy babies (which is not my case).

In this conversion, the panel is not very large and comes to become small for the baby here at home, even with horizontal adjustment of the panel open at most. It features wide strips, with a medium padding near the shoulder area, which makes the charger comfortable in use, but without making it too enchudulated. The belt in turn is the part I least like. Not because I'm poorly conceived, but because I'm not a fan of backpack belts/tapes. They seem to have the particularity of sticking us with the fluffy structures of our abdomen with a greater ease that I like (not that I have any fluffy structure in this abdomen;)). I prefer Mei such with the 4 strips in fabric but still enjoyed using this conversion. He behaved well on the drive test and still fell in love with some people who saw him in use.

You want to try it? Ask Elisabete Rôla! Perhaps you still have this charger to show you.

Thanks Elisabete for the experience.

Fernando Fernandes