Lovely Black Rainbow

Brand: Little Fr
ogmodel: Lovely Black Rainb
ow composition: 100% cot
ton Size: 2
m weight: 320 g/m2 (pre-wash) c
olor: Black & Rainbow

Being a mother is bigger! It's embracing the world through the miracle of life. It's dreaming, it's believing, and it's conquering the future at all times of now. Being a mother is giving life to
life. On the day of childbirth a baby is born but also a mother (and a father) is born.

But not everything is a sea of roses and often the postpartum is complicated, difficult and painful. Many mothers reach the limit, physical and/or psychological, and to the beloved depression
. I could tell you it's just a phase, but I'll leave it to anyone who understands the subject. Today I come to try to show you how Babywearing can try to help minimize this suffering.

Babies born in baby carriers are usually calmer babies because parents can meet their needs more quickly. Mothers who suffer from post-partum depression also benefit from carrying their babies because their anxiety decreases and, of course, because they have both hands free mothers manage to return to their daily lives more quickly, and can do things like dealing with some Homework, take care of another child or just go out on the street and unwind.

Little Frog, the mark of the Ring Sling I've come to talk to you today, was born at the hands of Marzena, when after the birth of her daughter Pola became a "wrapoholic".

The Ring Sling that I present to you is the Lovely Black Rainbow, a conversion made by Sling's baby door of our beloved Elisabete Rôla, a woman who discover Babywearing in her second child and who was so amazed that she decided to put on this Way, having including become a consultant of babywearing.

Well the Ring Sling, what can we say this Ring Sling… Many things… Want to know?!

Its composition is 100% cotton, is 2m long and with a weight of 320g/m2. 
It is a Ring Sling, which does not require much use to break, since after its first wash (reached me still in loom) one can see that has a soft touch fabric and malleable, not offering resistance to pass on the rings, a problem that often chaging We bring in this type of baby door, which makes it very easy to use. It should therefore be considered an excellent option for those who are venting in this world for the first time.

This Ring Sling has a pattern consisting of small hearts, with fantastic colors, Black and rainbow, which makes us smile during all its use, despite the rainy weather that is done out there. I used it a lot, it was my faithful companion during several trips to the CTT. 
I thought it was always comfortable, but after a while I felt it was a bit of a break, having to readjust it. It is Ring Sling that despite not having experienced in the summer, I would say that you can use comfortably in any season of the year.

Come with me and popcorn and see what I'm talking about. See you next time.

Rakesh LAL