Lisca Northern Light

Brand: Didymo
smodel: Lisca Northern Light
composition: 100% Cotto
n Weight: 260 g/m2

What do we do when we hurt someone?

Anyone who knows me knows I'm a reserved person. I am not to expose myself in an unnecessary way and never, but even never, I thought to write on a blog or contribute to one, so that my participation here is something that surprises me. But although it seems surprising to me to feed a blog with my words, I like to think that when opening the house windows there is always light that enters and illuminates, which will give me energy to do more or show more. In the end, the great goal is really to help other people in this new world, the world of Babywearing! And the intention was to do something different, to distance myself from something that was already done and knew (but it seems that I was not very successful:(). The idea of the tales arose, but it seems that a tale adds few points to the history of the porters, so this week will be different! This week I'll write with my heart (I'll try at least:P). I will unlock other layers of my being that I believe are necessary (and you deserve it!) to get to know me better, but also to learn more about the Chargers I bring you. Let's do it!

In life we make many decisions, from the simplest that go through what I will eat or wear, to the most complex that go to change of work or start a new project. Some decisions are reflected and very thoughtful and others can be more impulsive, we do not always know the result that each of them will bring to our lives and to the lives of the people around us. Some of them can really hurt the people that we care about, without having a notion that we did it. Has it happened to you? And now what do we do to remedy what has no remedy? The first thing will be apologizing! We may not be able to turn back and undo what we've done, but we must face the consequences of our attitudes. An apology, sincere and warm, can minimize the damage. The person may or might not accept the request (it is in his right!) but we still must not stop doing it or let it drag a situation that in the future will hurt more than it will solve anything. It should be a sincere, candid, sweet and fluffy apology, just like the cloth I bring you, the Lisca Northern Light.

You've all heard about this brand. Well known for the quality of cloths and the wisdom they bring with them. It seems that it has a genetic memory that makes them behave in an automata way on the mooring. It is as if they reserve in their atoms an information that allows the more turners of the loaders to make a glow with their rags.

Didymos was born in 1971, by the hands of Erika Hoffmann, the need to carry and give attention to Anna and Tina, to her newborn twin daughters (the name DIDYMOS means "twins" in Ancient Greek, isn't it wonderful?) and has since been spreading attention and love for Many babies and families.

The Liscas are for me of the best I have experienced until today, perhaps living up to the expression "love at first sight", well I do not know if it went well to the first but I died of loves, there it died. It is a fluffy cloth, soft to the touch, in its 100% organic cotton, which adjusts itself as a perfect embrace, which snuggles us and comforts us. Like I said, "Don't worry about everything going to be okay."  

Its fishbone-shaped weft gives it good support and does not make it too hot on a heat day. The textured shape of the cloth gives you the necessary depth and the ideal grip so that the moorings do not leave the site. When we use it to carry mold with perfection without ever complaining or letting go. After he's tied up, there it is, like he doesn't have anywhere else he wants to be, except for our baby's back and back. It could be perfectly used in newborn or larger infants, without compromising the comfort of carrying, or risking hurting us on the shoulders. However there are those who do not like the diagonal that the cloth offers, which can hinder the mooring in heavier children. I confess that I have not yet felt this discomfort with the lead tail here of the house but when this happens I know that the sizes with several layers can help to minimize the problem.

The gradient of light and soft colors, of white, pink, blue and gray, give a luminosity to the cloth I adore, it is as if it showed its sincerity and was willing to accompany us in the good and less good times, as only a true friend knows to be. The color difference between the top and bottom rails makes it an easy-to-handle cloth for less experienced people.

In the end, when we make a mistake and end up hurting someone, we only know one thing… I'm sure we'll be wrong again. However with this cloth there is no error possible! Neither to buy, nor to use, nor to offer it to anyone;). So please put your hands to work and your wallet to surrender, because in the end babywearing is more than cloths, Babywearing is the story, the history of our children, our family and our affections. Babywearing is more than carrying.

Babywearing is Love!

Fernando Fernandes