L'Amour Framboise

Brand: Roa
rModelo: L'Amour
composition: 100% cotton Egyptian hairs
tyle Size:
5 Gramm: 270 g/m2
color: Raspberry (red & Pink) & black & White

This is the week of love, of strong emotions, of giving without expecting anything in return. It's the week when Love is in the air! It's in the air, it's in the load, it's in the wrap. But I would say that it is also in the spirit of sharing the babywearing community, is in the confidence to share something that is very dear to us (even if the intention is to tame the Beast), or in the friendship that unites us all.

Love, friendship, in the background relations are composed of challenges so this review was also a challenge for Dulce and Marília. They had to use and photograph just one side of the cloth and share the experience of using the cloth that way. Dulce took the "red burning Side" and Marília with the "classic black and white side".

Let's see what the challenge has brought us.

"Red Burning Side"

Today we will share this love and speak together of a beautiful cloth, the Roar l'amour Framboise.

I don't know about you, but I confess I've been dating this boy for months. The cloths of this brand are beautiful to die, rustic, but classy. Made in a way that looks like three-dimensional wraps, with handmade designs inspired by Scandinavian design. In the case of this cloth, and in the pink version of it, one side has deep colors of pink, and a burgundy or wine or Bordeaux (choose the one that best settles you, I like all these variations), with a sweet, romantic pattern of hearts in gray , which reminds you of Valentine's Day but also the courtship we do throughout the year! It has such a beautiful color variation and a pattern so suggestive that if you were not in love with the cloth you would have stayed after looking at it!

This cloth has a weight of 270 g/m² (pre-washed) of Egyptian combed Cotton (certified by OEKO TEX 100), with a three-dimensional weaving. And you know… This cloth does not disappoint at all. It's beautiful to die, it's beautiful to wear and super comfortable. We took him walking to the beautiful Ericeira and it was a spectacular tour of love in the cloth and light at dusk.  We gave him the same love he gave us when he came to our house.

This cloth is not cuddly but also not rough. It has an original touch, like the cloth. This texture gives it a good grip, with stable moorings that stay in place and we that do not get undone or remain lassos with prolonged use. It has an average diagonal that translates into a very comfortable cloth. The weft is very closed which makes it not a very perspirable cloth but this feature along with its warm colors make it a very comfortable cloth. Funny that despite the closed weft, the cloth is thin and so when I wore it until I found it very fresh.

In the end I can say? I Die of love! I liked it but this boy is in someone else's heart and so after a week he had to go to the next user.

Fernando Fernandes

"Classic black and White side"

Love can take many forms and this cloth has to be connected to love, to the love of carrying our children who in turn were also generated in love, to the friendship love that made this cloth reach my hands. A friendship that began in the desire of a mother to carry her little baby next to you. A desire sometimes difficult to understand for those who were closest to him, but a desire so strong that it exceeded pressures and opposing ideas. So I met this mother and I was given the role of teaching him a lot of what I know about this art of carrying babies.

A request for help arose. Help to make this Roar l'amour Framboise softer. I was happy and asked permission to share this joy with more "Friends of the Cloth".

I got the use of the cloth on the right side and took it to a Babywearing meeting with more moms, dads and babies and I carried my two daughters. The most grown-up who by her will would not come out of my lap and the littlest one who had long wanted to be autonomous but who made me want to let herself be carried again "in the belly Mama!" she tells me when I propose to make a mooring on her back. This cloth is a robust cloth that gives us excellent support for carrying grown babies. Smooth to the touch and with a pattern and gorgeous colors.

This "boy" needs to come home now and give his mother and daughter a hug.

Marília Pereira
(PHOTOS: Patrícia Ferreira)