Kenhuru Svit Sally

Kenhuru Sling sent us Svit Sally in order to get acquainted in our country. Twenty
mothers were selected, where each one had the cloth for one week. The t
rip started during the month of June/18 and ended in the month of December/18.


Brand: Kenhuru
Modelo: Svit Sally
composition: 80% combed cotton, 20% silk Tussahsize
: 5 (4, 5m) Weigh
t: 235 g/m2 color: Bl
ack and Fucsiapprec
iation: €230.00


Teresa Santos: 80% Cotton, 20% Tussah silk and a beautiful color. We love it!! Although (I think because having silk) with my baby has little more than 7,600 kg and it was necessary to readjusting at the end of some time. It's not hot and it's very malleable. I think it's the perfect newborn cloth. Did I mention we love the slin
g? Raquel Duarte: We had the opportunity to experience this little beauty. At first touch is super cute… It is very comfortable and pleasant to the shoulders. I'm just sorry that after a while we had to readjustbecause you gave a little… Thanks for the opportunity to try this beautiful cloth.
Fatima Agostinho: A traveler who took us to the roses for the first time, a spectacular soft and fluffy touch, with an excellent thickness easy to tie, great for cold days this Kenhuru Sling… as we are in the summer and in Tavira we could not abuse him much… Thank you Funtastic Mon and Kenhuru Slings for the opportunity.
Natacha Conceição: This cloth is wonderful thank you.
Doriana Viana: Thank you very much to Kenhuru and Funtasticmom for the opportunity to test for the first time a Kenhuru cloth. It was one of the cloths I liked to use until today. It was a pleasant surprise. We wanted to test only for its composition once it has silk. I was very reticent because it's a color that I would never wear. But every day I used it, I liked it more and more, and I was in love. It's a very soft, very silky, very fluffy cloth. But at the same time it gives fantastic support. I think you have the exact thickness. Embrace our son and our body completely. It's really very comfortable. I have no negative aspect to point. I really wish I had the opportunity to use more time. I hope the next few colhos enjoy as much as I… See you soon… ?