JeniSling Serena Water

Brand: Jenipa
nomodel: Serena wat
er composition: 100% co
tton Size: 2m ring Sling (70cm width) We
ight: 190 g/m2 col
or: raw & Green

Vacation in September?

After an intense year of work, what we all look forward to is the holidays. Holidays those wonderful days of rest, beach, pool and the like, without major worries.

Since the beginning of the year (March) We planned these two weeks of vacation, we already had a hotel scheduled for a few days, stipulated weeks of visiting the family, just hadn't decided which baby door to take and whether the stroller was going to vacation with us. The week before, I decided that the cart was going to stay at home, I knew I wanted to carry a ring sling because it is what we find most practical, to stroll (#teamrs) and one or two cloths for longer rides.

We decided by this RS of the Freedom Collection of Jenipano, with the name Água Serena, courtesy of the friend Marta Lopes Silveira (Thanks for all my dear).

Would you like to know how the name Jenipano came about?

The name Jenipano arose from the relationship that Carine and her family have with nature. Jenipapeiro is a tree with several qualities, and one of them is a dye (used by the Indians to paint the body). And Jenipano was also inspired by "pano-genial".

This RS is a JeniSling (so are applied the RS of this brand) with 2m length by 70cm wide, where the fabric is in cross twill, is 100% cotton and is manufactured in Brazil.

It is a very easy cloth to adjust on the rings, with a very light fabric, with a medium support, since the Princess could undo the seat, when she stretched, but also that is a question of getting to know the RS, since at the end of the holidays we already made 8 with him. I find this ring sling great for summer, because it is light, it becomes extremely fresh (I took it immense times to the beach) and spectacular for newborns. I wish I had the opportunity to experiment with a smaller baby, but unfortunately it was not possible.

We traveled a lot in Portugal, in the company of this JeniSling, we went to the north, more precisely to Mondim de Basto and the famous Lady of Grace, we travelled one of the best known streets of Coimbra and we stroll through Algarvias lands. Come on, get to know everything we know.

Rakesh LAL