Jacquard Floral Sand

Brand: Wrap Le Pampuc
hmodel: Floral San
dcomposition: 100% Cott
on Size: 6
Gramage: 270 g/m2 c
olor: Sand

Shall we go to the beach?

We are in August, full summer in the northern hemisphere and consequently in Portugal. It's a wonderful time to take the kids to the beach, play by the seaside, dive into the sea to freshen up. To play at the end of the afternoon in that wonderful garden, where children can ride a swing and slide, enjoying the shade in good company. Enjoy that spectacular start of night, where you run that refreshing breeze, to stroll together, spreading magic through the streets of this country.

This cloth came to our hand, in a garden in Loures, where there were swings, slides and the like. We enjoy to meet a wonderful trio, Marta, Ricardo and Little Vasco. Together we took the shadows, the kids played, we tried rags (I tried a wonderful WW, but that's not what we're talking about) and we talked, talked a lot, we didn't even give time to pass.

Babywearing is a lot more than rags. Undoubtedly, the cloths are a fascination, which makes us want to experience more and more, but for me the most important is the friendships that are created.

We started in the world of Babywearing about 10 months ago and have won so many important people in my life, unique and special people, "arrogant" but spectacular people, boring but essential people. Babywearing is a world of sharing, love, various points of view, bad language and a lot of help.

But let's talk about the most important thing, this cloth…

The Floral Sand is 1 100% cotton, with a weight of 270 g/m2, of sand tone, is a cloth with a good support, did not fall down once, did not think it was a soft cloth, did not find it 100% easy to adjust (but the same is due to the fact that it was washed here at home) , I think that when the use is moderate, it will be much easier to adjust (at least it is the feedback I have from the mothers who tested it before me). It is not a fine cloth, but it is also not a thick cloth and I do not think it is so conducive to pulls, as others have already passed me by the hand. I think it's an ideal cloth for spring or autumn, just your tones make us take the beach. Regarding the quality/price I think it is a good cloth at an appetizing price. I think you should behave so well in little babies, like in grown-up babies.

One of the features I'd like to see on a rag is "double face". This cloth has 2 tones, which on one side are unlike the other (I don't know if I made myself understand:P).

We spent two weeks in your company, took you out to the garden, the beach and many more places.

Come and meet this cloth…

Rakesh LAL