Isara Diamonda Woven Wrap

The Isara sent us the DIAMONDA WOVEN WRAP, in order to get to know in our country. Twen
ty-five mothers were selected, where each one had the cloth for one week. T
he trip began in the month of June/18 and ended in the month of December/18.


Brand: Isara
Modelo: Diamonda c
omposition: 100% Organic Cotton (certificate GOTS) Gram
ation: 280 g/m² recomm
ended age: Recommended weight between 3.5 kg and 15 Kgcolo
r: Grey and Black Denim pr
ice: between €83 and €133


Teresa Teles Costa: In June 2018 on the island of São Miguel we had the privilege of take walks with cloth woven Isara Diamond Black. It was the first trip we participated and the organic cotton cloth, with an interesting pattern, was soft to the touch and easy to tie. The baby's dreams were good in this little… Despite the almost tropical heat and humidity.
Inês Gomes Pimenta: The Isara cloth has been a cloth destined for adventures. It was a missing week before I got to my hands (someone had the great idea to forget to put the registration tag) and when I sent it to the next person he walked another 2 weeks without anyone knowing about it. After many complaints there appeared safe and sound. But then let's talk about the cloth. It's a cloth with a wonderful touch, no one would say it's 100% cotton. Although the pattern doesn't tell me much is a cloth with a luxurious look. It is easy to fit and has good support. Soft on the shoulders and that remains comfortable after some time. We had a busy week because, as the cloth arrived with a week of delay we could not enjoy it as much as we would like. But the little we've used just got to say it right.