Isara Diamonda Blue Ink RS

Isara sent us the DIAMONDA BLUE INK RING SLING, in order to get to know in our country. Twenty-
five mothers were selected, where each one had the cloth for one week. The
trip began in the month of June/18 and ended in the month of December/18.


Brand: Isara
Modelo: Diamonda Blue Ink Ring Slingco
mposition: 100% Organic Cotton (certificate GOTS) Gram
m: 280 g/m² recomme
nded age: Recommended weight between 3.5 kg and 22 Kgcolor
: Grey and blue Pr
ice: between €86 and €89


Katie laziness: I confess that I did not have a good experience with the Ring Slings but this wonderful Isara and some precious aids have laid down my previous experience. With him I learned how practical and comfortable it is to have our babies loaded with us. Thanks for the experience.
Verónica Pinto: I am a fan of Sling rings for its practicality. This Isara (first product that use the brand) left nothing to be desired:) Soft, soft but something warm. Perfect for fresher days. As we see ourselves, the "wrong side" White was our favorite. It adjusts nicely and slides perfectly on the rings. Perhaps with heavier tails it can make it a little difficult for the loader due to the tissue. Thanks! An
a Rodrigues: The RS of Isara is called PPTO (stick to the whole work) that piece that always falls well, is so comfortable, practical and beautiful. I'd love to have one of these. I took it to my homeland and so far it was the only piece of BBW that convinced the whole family, even my mom said I wanted to have a thank you for the opportunity.
Inês Gomes Pimenta: Since we had already received the cloth from Isara we already knew that at the start we would like the RS. And yes even though the pattern and the colors are not our favorites we were super satisfied. It is super easy to adjust and has good support. I was really surprised by the brand.