Mono Grove

Brand: Lovaloom
model: Grove c
omposition: 54% cotton Prime, 23% Silk, 23% RAMIEG
ramagem: 315 g/m² c
olor: Black & Grey

Is there a warrior out there who's reading this post? Accuse you? What was it like being a mother? Are you mothers for the first time or not? Was it all very easy in your maternity ward? Or are you still figuring out what it's like to survive in this ever-moving world? For me, motherhood was and remains a breakthrough. Discovering my boundaries, discovering how to do the right thing, discovering how to educate. Educate with patience, love and above all wisdom, because what we do today, with and for our children, have repercussions on their future. And even today I find that motherhood is not that idyllic dream that had four years ago, is much more demanding, a full time job without clearances, compensations or benesses. Do you feel the same? And in this world of discoveries that came the babywearing in my life. One way to carry my ritika without leaving behind what I need to do and without depriving my children of what they like most (at least like to think so), my lap! On this trip I discovered and rediscovered myself as a mother, as a woman and even as a professional. Being a mother isn't always easy, and this rag reminds me of all the warrior moms. Why? I'll tell you!

The Grove came to me inside an envelope of black fabric with a ribbon that brings embroidery the name of the brand in continuous. When I look at this comic strip, do you know what reminds me? An enchantment. Like it's a spell in the form of letters. And this spell is reproduced throughout the wrap sheath, as if the magic continued through the cloth and the act of carrying, a love!

After removing the wrap of this wrapper so precise I come across a soft cloth to the touch, probably due to its blend. Neither thick nor thin, with the right thickness that does not demonstrate its high weight. Not at all! In fact, it surprises me, as in others. You know those high-weight, hard-toting rags that are tough to tie? This rag doesn't have any of that. The weight of this cloth gives it robustness to withstand the burden of a toddler, as it gives you the flexibility to tie a smaller baby. I think I was really bewitched!

After tethered it is of incredible comfort, with a very good grip on any mooring (front, side or back, single layer or multilayer). Don't give in, don't slip, don't hurt. The baby is snuff in us and he himself seems to enjoy the cloth as a true connoador of what life has to best. When I'm with him, do you know the image that comes to mind? A Celtic warrior, who carries her son at the end of the day, next to an anvil forming a sword to face the battles of life. This cloth is comfortable at this point, to maintain intense activities and for a long period preserving the comfort for those who carry and for the baby too. That warrior who is there needs the hands and arms to work her sword, can not fail to face life but also cannot abandon her offspring, and much less can leave her unprotected to the dangers of day to day. That's why she goes on!

The dark colors in shades of black and grey of the cloth give us the tranquility, as it gives to any warrior, to take the cloth to different contexts without being afraid of the dirty, or at least dirty and see yourself lol. But these dark tones and the more closed weft make the cloth hot for summer days. I believe that the drawn leaves make you think in the autumn and in fresher days and at that time this cloth is excellent. But don't think it's that hot because its blend gives you the freshness you need for warmer environments coupled with the fact that both cotton and ramie fibre have the ability to absorb the sweating that I may have of the baby-person that carries. The conjugation of cotton with silk and ramie also gives the cloth resistance, easy to wash and consistency to the cloth. By its composition the cloth can easily have a long, easy-to-maintain life without the fibers shrinking or damaging. Yeahhhh, no pulls!

In the end this cloth is very special, just as the woman is special to the Celtic people. But the Lovalom brand did not emerge inspired by the Celtic tales. This is a brand developed by Christina Lazzari, who intends to bring a touch of modernity and luxury to the slings of today. The founder reveals that they are cloths inspired by the fashion of Paris and intend to bring softness and comfort to carry our most precious possessions, our children. And how I believe that! Personalized Wraps on Italian loom, in a beautiful jacquard, in order to help parents today to carry with style and glamour.

Were you interested? Try these wraps and carry your children. They won't be disappointed and they'll realize that Babywearing is more than carrying. Babywearing is Love!

Fernando Fernandes